Yesterday thousands of Americans from all walks of life took to the streets in protest of an oppressive Government.  The mainstream media, the White House Press Secretary, even the President himself seemed to dismiss it completely. 

It seems they believe these protesters don't understand they are getting a tax cut even if they don't pay income tax.  Well thank you Mr. President for my $13 dollar tax cut, which I didn't see by the way!   But I would prefer the Government start listening and get out of my way!

This issue is bigger than letting the Bush tax cuts expire and allowing the tax rates to go back to 39% for those making more than $250,000. 

The issue is Freedom from an Oppressive Government.  You know the kind of Government that votes for a stimulus bill even when  90% of the constituents emailing their Reps were against it.    The kind of Government who feels they have the authority to tell you how it will be, instead of listening to those who they work for, tell them what will be.  The kind of Government that doesn't understand America is a bottom up Government, not a top down Government.  That "We the People" means we run the country not you.  Your job is to Represent us not babysit us!  Regardless of your rhetoric I do not believe you are nor want you to be my keeper.

This is what we are protesting.  None of this in new in the last few months with a new administration, it's just accelerating at a rapid pace with no evidence of slowing down.  

Americans who watch something other than MSNBC understand the math doesn't work.  That a 95%? tax cut with an ever growing deficit can't last.   That when the President claims a 120 million families are receiving a tax cut in a nation of 300 million doesn't  make mathematical sense!  

Americans do get it, we aren't stupid, what we want is more than your willingness to allow us to keep thirteen extra dollars in our paycheck or receive a tax return even if we don't pay income taxes.  We want you out of our lives and our businesses.  We realize something important. We realize the more Government reaches it's hand into our lives the more screwed up everything else gets.

If the Government can't operate itself, medicaid, medicare, social security, even the new Prescription program without over-drafting their checkbooks to the tune of trillions, why would we want the same people to run our financial or health care industries?  I'll keep the first batch of retards who allowed this mess by making one mistake, but in the end understand the mistake, and can be held accountable.  Instead of gaining different retards who make constant mistakes,  are consumed by greed and power, and who never think they hold any accountability!  

Plain and simple we understand America is a Republic, we understand freedom &liberty equal the ability to pursue happiness. We understand you reward success not failure, we understand sometimes you have to allow failure in order to make way for a new season, we understand charity is not a government function, we understand the desire for wealth and we don't despise others who work hard. We understand fairness and that's not making the "rich"burden the load of everyone else, so you can gain political momentum at their expense.  We understand that what comes around goes around, we believe in Integrity and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. We understand the Constitution, we understand why we have the amendments we do!  We understand you may not get it and when you don't we understand it is our job as your bosses to point that out! 

Do something different for a change.......listen!

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Apr. 16, 2009 at 10:55 AM

Very well said! It's too bad that WE are now  on some "watched list" because we see the gov't for what it IS... ours! WE don't need anyone taxing us to dead ( and beyond) we don't need the Gov't to make us "safe". Give us ours Rights back and we can take care of ourselves!

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Apr. 16, 2009 at 2:13 PM

high five

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