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" I was absolutely amazed and shocked in the amount of money I saved on my teeth with AmeriPlan Dental. Where else can you get a $10.00 office visit and $3.00 x-rays? Following are the other discounts I also received: a Dental partial for $1999; I paid only $850 & office visits were just $10."  Brenda F. - Sacramento, CA

"I had been putting off going to the dentist. My face was swollen and my tooth hurt. I went to the emergency room and received help & didn’t have to pay anything at the time. I am so thankful for AmeriPlan. Later I received a bill for only $400.00. I was very surprised. I expected the bill to be much more. Way to go AmeriPlan!" Jackie H. - Jackson, MS

"I needed glasses badly so I went to Lenscrafters knowing I could have them in less than an hour. My Vogue glasses, which I happen to absolutely love, cost $285.16. After my AmeriPlan discount I ended up only paying $199.00. That was an amazing $85 savings and I am very thankful! Thanks AmeriPlan!" Amy S - Jacksonville, FL

"I use the legal services on one case I save $7,000.00 and my second case save and got back $1500.00." Glynda M. - New York, NY

"My husband was sick and needed to go to the doctor. He was reluctant to use ourAmeriPlan card for the first time, he’s a cash guy, but he obliged. When he returned home, he was making copies of his receipt as a testimony for me to pass out to others. Out of a $60 bill, he only paid $29.14!! That’s over a 50% Savings!! He also saved over $60 on three prescriptions! He was SOLD on AmeriPlan from that day forward!!" 
DeeAnna M. - Brenham, TX

"Jessica had gone to the hospital for an illness which she was kept overnight just to be released because they couldn’t f ind anything wrong … she received a bill for $7000.00 dollars … her AmeriPlan hospital advocate talked her bill down and she walked away paying nothing." 
Jessica H. - Westland, MI

"I had my car towed 5 times in 3 months this past spring and it did not cost me a dime. They finally found out what was wrong with my car!"
Wanda F. - Dallas, TX

"Today I had to use the Roadside Assistance benefit as a part of my Total Health Plus Benefit package. The driver said the charge should have been $82 but I only paid $4."  John L. - Celina, TX

"On Feb 22/2008 I was admitted to Gilbert Hospital for overnight observation then sent to Banner Heart Hospital where I underwent a stent operation. Banner Heart Hospital’s bill was $46.845.00. Hospital Advocacy reduced it to $0.00!The Gilbert Hospital $9.992.00 reduced to $6952.00 plus Misc bills. Total of all bills after everything $66,321.37. Final Balance due $10,738.96. A SAVINGS OF $55,738.96. After using Ameriplan’s Consumer Driven Health Discount I truly am a believer. Thank you AMERIPLAN!" Joel A - Arizona

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