I'm so excited! I get to be the second photographer at a wedding next week! I can hardly wait! My friend Jennifer is a photographer and this is her 2nd wedding and my 1st. I'm not getting paid, which is cool, cause I want the practice and need the photos for my portfolio. I also may be booking my first PAID for wedding for October this year which has me WAY psyched as well.

I should have a real website up soon too! It will be so nice to have my own URL. To not have to share it with the free hosting site or whatever. I also should have my first PAID for newborn shoot coming up in July! I've never done a real newborn shoot, but luckily my sister just had a baby and is going to let me do photos for her and I'm pregnant too, due in June, and will be able to "practice" on that new baby as well!

I feel like maybe now I'm starting to take off! I can't wait to actually have weekends that are booked with people wanting me to do their photos. Not only that, but it will be SO nice to be able to contribute more to my household, than just the Housewife/SAHM duties. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just I'll be able to take some of the heat off my DH!

So if you live in FL, in my area...look me up at www.myspace.com/arynfentonphotography


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