I went food shopping today with my daughter to redeem the free coupons for the free stuff they sent me for her. While i was in the baby food section i realized that there is now  a sign put up by beechnut recalling that specific baby foog. i did take a picture of the sign so in this way everyone could see it. it's on my cell phone and the server is currently down. So currently ican not show it to you. As soon as the server goes up I will gladly send the pic of the sign to you. Again the FLAVER was BEECH NUT STAGE THREE WHOLE WHEAT OAT& RAISIN. Do not ourchase this flaver until further or if you have it i recomend you return it. I am still waiting to hear back from the company that sent it to the lab the results were never sent to me but there is a recall on it. for further questions please feel free to contact them or  me. Again tell anyone you know i really would hate to see other babies get sick...

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