It seems we keep bombarding teachers with new material to teach. Teachers are required to teach global warming, diversity, tolerance,sex ed and the basics. Reading, writing and arithmetic.

Many of the first topics mentioned are very controversial and the stats proving that having them in class. is a benefit, are not so pretty.  We all feel some of those issues, for one reason or another, should be taught because..... Others feel some of these issues encompass  moral issues which are best left to parents.

But what should be taught in schools?  Are we allowing schools to be infiltrated by adult issues because the adults can't solve them?  Instead we put these often controversial issues on the backs of our children and teachers? 

We started sex ed because society said that it was lack of knowledge among teens causing teenage pregnancy and a rise in STD's.  Now that former rise looks pale in comparison to current numbers.   Did education solve the problem?

At what point in society do we step back and admit unless parents chose to parent some problems will remain problems? Other problems are related to human behavior and are not 'fixable'.

Don't we have to come to the realization that schools are meant to be facilitators of basic education, and there not meant to be facilitators of all things we can categorize as educational because.... 

Sometimes all we do is cause confusion and distraction.  We drag our children into battles, they should not be fighting, in the hopes that when they face such issues, there knowledge of contreversial topics will some how influence there behavior for the better.  That they'll just "Say No!" becuase knowledge of every issue under the sun, will somehow make them good stewards of everything, tolerant of everything, erase prejudices, and poor decision making..   We seem to miss education of an issue doesn't equal understanding of an issue!  We seem to forget who this group we are educating are. We don't allow for the logical conclusion that they may not be ready or able to comprehend the material we are presenting to them!  It is just that more material to them.

You can teach tolerance to someone but you still can't make them tolerant!

You can educate someone on good decisions but that doesn't mean they will never make a mistake!

As adults we are constantly told what we should do in regards to finances, jobs, marriage ect.  Yet we keep making the same mistakes as a society and as individuals.  It's not the lack of  resources on a subject; it's the lack of a willingness to either believe the principle taught or apply them to one's life!  

It just seems to me the more we bombard schools with the politics of issues instead of sticking to known facts, the worse are schools become.   If we have teachers who say they don't have enough time to teach the basics in a school year shouldn't we be listening?  Instead it seems we seem to continue to throw more subjects to cover, often subjects to which they object to teaching, or don't have the time to teach!   Yet we keep expecting different results!

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Apr. 21, 2009 at 4:49 PM

I think these issues were put in the classroom because kids learned a lot of it from school anyway, just not the teacher. When you put your child in a school of 1,000 others, they're gonna know what those kids know. And who wants their kid learning about the birds and the bees or drugs and alcohol from a locker room? No one. I think that's why they had sex ed and what not. Was it the right thing to do? I think so. It certainly had a good reason. But should it ever be the school's sole responsibility to teach these things INSTEAD of the parents? No. It's the parents' jobs. But the schools had to step in where the parents wouldn't. I believe in information and knowledge. I believe teaching these subjects in school is a flawed system, but necessary due to lack of parenting.

Questoin though: I've only seen sex ed classes in movies. When were these happening? I just turned 19. None of my elementary, middle school, or high school classes were sex ed or anything close. I only remeber taking a D.A.R.E. course in 5th and 7th grade.

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