I lost my friend Danielle Virginia Morey. Although we had known each other all through school it wasn't until about a year or so before she died that we became close. We traveled together, we went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. We partied and got tattoo. She drew mine. She was such a talented artist. We also went to Spain for my 21st birthday. We had a blast and the trip brought us even closer. We came home and Danielle and I started spending even more time together. We would go to the bar a couple nights a week or we would hang out at the house on the River she shared with her father.

When we went out I would always pick her up. She liked to say it was on the way, but in reality her house wasn't on the way to anywhere, it was in the middle of the woods. After we went out I would usually just stay the night and we would just watch movies until we passed out. She loved Angelina Jolie. I remember that day April 20, 2002. It was a month from the day when we had returned from out Spain trip. I went to her house that afternoon. It was a Saturday and we both had to work that night. We made plans to meet up after work and go to our usual bar for a few drinks. She worked at a liquor store and I worked in a restaurant so we both usually got out at the same time. She called me that night but she was getting out early and she didn't want to wait for me, she just wanted to meet me there. I was bummed, I had never walked into a bar alone, in fact up until that point I had never been to the bar with anyone but Dan.

I got out at 12 by the time I got to the bar it was almost 12:30 and Danielle was having a blast. There was a barfight and the bartender jumped over the bar, almost kicking me in the head, and spilling a bunch of drinks. Although our beers were spared we pretended they had been casualties and got new ones (its funny i forgot this until now!) A friend was having an after party so we made plans to go there. It was about 3 miles into the woods, we would pass Dan's house on the way there. I don't know why she didn't drop her car off on the way past her house. I thought of it, but Dan didn't have a cell phone. We got to the party and Dan had brought a bottle of wine, we had recently aquired the taste during out trip to Europe. The party was lame and Dan and I had the next few days off so I left with a friend to go watch a movie and Dan said she was leaving in a few. The person I was leaving with went to give Dan a hug, she was tat kind of person, someone everyone loved and wanted to make it a bpoint to say bye to. I went to give her a hug, but it was almost awkward. I'll see you tomorrow she said, laughing of my attempt. Bye Bitch I tossed over my shoulder to her laughing. THose words are still echoing in my head 7 years later. Dammit Dan you should have just let me hug you...

I fell asleep on my friends couch the next morning the phone kept ringing and ringing. Finally he ansewered from the other room and i heard it in his tone, something had happeded to someone, but who? He came somberly into the living room, sat on the couch and told me it was Dan she had been in an accident. Is she okay? I asked, he just started crying, I was in disbelief as he shook his head. I ran to call my aunt , one of the people who had been calling all morning. I'll never forget what she said. That Danielle had been killed. not that she had died, but had been killed.

Dan had left the party half an hour after I did April 21st about 2:30 am, she had a short 10 min drive home. all roads she drove everyday of her life. She went off the road slightly, hit a huge boulder and her car was launched into the air, into the woods. She his several trees, he engine block came into the car, she flew through the windshield. When the people came out of he house she was climbing out from under the hood. Her femur obviusly broken and bleding, she was standing on it. The ambulance got there and she became combatitive, calling out for someone. The workers thought maybe someone had been with her. THat is why my aunt was callin g frantically, everyone assumed I was with her, I had left that night saying I was going out with Dan.

Danielle died before she got to the hospital. She might have had a chance had the helicoptor gotten there, but its landing zone plans were outdated and their were power lines where they were supposed to land. Our friends reunited as never before, a fragmented group of people came together because of their love for Dan. Relationships rekindled, friendships healed. It was rough. In 1999 I had lost my mother after years of suffering. Danielle was 21 ( almost 22) she had her whole life. I grieved as though I had lost my best friend and felt wrong doing so. She had touched so many people who was I to mourn her so, me who had known her her entire life and only cared to befriend he toward the end.

In the weeks following the funeral our friends were very careful. All parties had designated drivers or safe places to stay. I didn't feel much like partying, but still I went to the first party after Dan died that wasn't a celebration of her life. It was exactly one week after she died, April 27. I went mmostly because without Dan I had noone to go out with, and I had really enjoyed talkin with her cousin at the funeral and hoped perhaps he'd be there. We had met a few times over the years, at parties or just at Danielle's house. He was there and we really hit it off. We started dating almost immediatly and here we are 7 years later with two kids. Our daughter, Haidyn Danielle is just as artistic, funloving, and strong willed as her name sake.

Danielle always told us whe wouldn't live until she was 22. She died one month before her 22nd birthday. But in her short time here she affected so many people and she is very deeply missed everyday. I am so glad that I had the joy of knowing her good sides and bad. And believe me she wasn't always America's Sweetheart, she definately had her days. I am so thankful to have known her and so thankful that she has left me my wonderful fieance and my two beautiful childre. And I just wish that she was here to meet them, but the probably wouldn't be here if she was. It really makes me think...


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Apr. 19, 2013 at 12:37 AM

During a trip through the cemetery today I came across a grave of a woman I never knew, I saw many items surrounding her headstone - including a lantern with a nip bottle in it. It was very unique. And I just had to take a photo. When I was going through my photos today (same day I took them) I realized I wanted to know why these specific items were left, they seemed more personal then other items I‘ve seen on graves before. 

I typed in her name on Google, and this posting was the first to pop up. Really the only thing to pop up. You told me her whole story. 

I can’t help but wonder about the coincidence to this. The date is 4/18/13. Almost 11 years after her death…and on top of that my finding this post telling everything that happened, everything I strangely felt compelled to know. I figured I’d only find an obituary. 

I registered just to post this. And to say, I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. And I thank you for telling me the story of this young woman who was taken too soon. 

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