Ok, so it is getting warmer now and anyone who has ever been to Oklahoma in the spring / summer knows what that means - June bugs!  You know what they are - those big nasty brown beetles that fly around and buzz all over the place.  They looooove a good outdoor light and crunch when you run over them in the car by the thousands.  They act all harmless and stupid, then dive at you and get tangled up in your hair, make you scream and run crying for your mother who can't really help you because she is laughing too hard and it just keeps buzzing and buzzing in your ear and 20 years later you can still hear that buzzing and feel something crawling through your hair at night....  Yeah, those bugs.

So here I am, sitting on my bed at my parent's house (long story) and I can hear the sadistic bugs who taunt me with their implied stupidity crawling over the screen of the bedroom window.  I recognize the sounds of those scratchy little legs.  Its like they have been waiting for me to come back to Oklahoma all these years - whaddayawannabet one of the nasty critters has been hanging on for 20 years, just waiting to get tangled in my hair, wanting to hear my screams one last time before it dies...

And just for kicks the suicidal squirrel who lives right outside the window has decided this would be a good time to make a meal out of the not-too-bright bugs on the window-pane.  Normally this would make me rather happy, but since his little claws scratch the window even more than the scratchy bug legs, it does not make for a good nights sleep.  Not to mention the shadow of the crazy squirrel stalking his crunchy prey, blown up to St Bernard proportions on the bedroom wall, is a bit unsettling at 3am.  Ah, Oklahoma missed me - I'm home crunchy bugs!

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