Okay, this is my first time writing a journal and i really wasnt sure what to write about...so story about my life as it is now...(starting with my pregnancy of course)

I LOVED Being pregnant...i had absolutely no complications at all like morning sickness, acid reflux, or anything...but what i really did have like really bad was mood swings-everyday i went to work i was like "Eww, dont bother me, dont talk to me-dont ask me how im doing because u can obviously see it!"  But i did try to keep my emotions invisible because having a baby is suppose to be exciting! And it was

Everyone was like "oh ur having a girl, ur belly is high" and im like "oh no, i dont think so" lol...not that i wouldnt have minded it but i have always wanted a son like seriously always...we were buying boy clothes before i even knew i was having a boy

I found out i was pregnant the night before my wedding...my best friend and of course future hubby was there and he was like soo soo happy and wanted to tell everyone right away and i was in denial like "No, no...not yet".  Well my hubby told my mom on our wedding day and she told me that he told her while we headed out to do some last minute shopping.  I took another preggo test a week later and it was a definite.  THen we tell dad-another story, wont get into it =)

Anywho, the day i found out i was having a boy was one of the happiest days of my life!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!  Feb 26 2008

Honestly i could not stop smiling!!   The video is even more amazing...anywho the rest of my pregnancy just went really well...the story of my labor was exhausting--but here's a couple more pics:  These are my other two favorites

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