ok i dont have my license because i couldnt get it till i was 18, because i kinda skipped school alot. and my husbands unit is actually giving him the day off and the money to take me and get my license. they tell him either i get it OR he brings them a printout saying why i cant get it. im sorry, but im NOT their soldier. im not a soldier period. just because im married to one of their soldiers doesnt mean they can tell me what to do, and make me do it. they have NO RIGHT to be all up in my business. i mean yeah i wanna get my license, but its the fact that they can feel they can force me to do it. they take their wives to appointments to but they're all up in his business like there's no tomorrow. that aggravates me i hate his unit. i think its such bull crap. THEY DONT OWN ME TOO.

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Apr. 24, 2009 at 8:26 AM

From what you said above they are not making you get it they are paying for it and giving him the day off. YES I agree if you don't get it to show them why because they are paying for it and you are not employed by them. They might just want t make sure the money is going to where they want it to go YOUR LICENSE and nothing else. Again they are paying for it!

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Apr. 24, 2009 at 9:58 AM

but see they told him even if he brings back the money but i dont have a license hes gonna get a write up. or an article 15 for disobeying orders. amother thing is, is were low on money yes. they are making us pay them back on the first whether our bills are paid or not, whether we have food and gas or not. sorry guess i shouldve clarified.

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