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Kansas has always been the "dreaded state" as far as taking a road trip through it.  Most the routes I have taken thought that area are dry, brown, and flatter then flat.  Its boring and long.  This trip has cemented the notion into my head that Kansas is to be avoided at almost all costs whenever possible.

My sister in law, Cale, and I left Colorado yesterday morning and planned to drive to a small town in the southern part of Kansas where my brother lives.  This was a two hour detour, but it will probably be the last time we will see him for a while since we won't be 6 hours away from him anymore, but 20.  Before we left I went to the doctor for a regular check up on the baby, and she had a prescription the doctor wanted me to fill.  "No problem", I thought to myself, "I can just fill it when I get into KS.".   Ha!  Should have known better! 

As soon as we arrived to the small city my brother calls home, we decided to go straight to dinner.  It was around 6:30 and I was famished.  Due to the gestational diabetes, I don't last much past five for my dinner.  We where seated fairly quickly, even though the restaurant was pretty busy.  Our waitress came over to take our drink order, and I should have known something wasn't right when she brought the drinks to us two by two instead of in one group like normally they do.  We next, ordered our food... 45 minutes later, nothing.  The next thing we know, the nervous waitress was standing at our table explaining that she "lost" our order.  How do you just lose an order and not notice for almost an hour?  Giving it my best effort to keep in mind that everyone has those bad days, The manager offered us free appetizers and told us our food would be put in to the kitchen right away.  Thirty minutes later, the food did arrive, but I was starving by that point.  The appetizers they gave us where items I just can't eat, due again to the gestational diabetes.  By the time we left the restaurant all the pharmacies in the city where closed, we went to one pharmacy just in case, and it was definitely closed... not to open until 9AM, and we wanted to leave no later then 8AM, after having an early breakfast with my nephew, mother, and brother.  I figured I would just fill the prescription when we stopped for lunch later.  Again, should have known better to think that would work.

When it was time for lunch we where on the Kansas turn pike and getting off would be more of a pain then anything, so we stopped at the travel plaza and ate lunch there, planning to stop in a few hours when we got off the turnpike to fill the perscription.  I spotted a grochery store that I know is a huge chain out here, so I thought for sure they could fill my perscription.  We asked the clerk where their pharmacy was, she looked at us like we where aliens and asked "do you mean the kind you go up and talk to people, or the kind like on a shelf."  Are there really pharmacies on shelves these days?  Hum, I think not... maybe a shelf with medications on it, but that is not a pharmacy.  Turns out they didn't have a pharmacy in the store, so back in the car off to seek out pharmacy #3.

Hours later there appears right off the highway, a large chain store that I KNOW has a pharmacy.  We walked up to the window and fill out my information, using my Pittsburgh address and my Colorado doctors phone number, so they had to know that we are not from around there.  After I dropped it off, they told us they could fill it, but it was lunch break so they where closing for a bit.  At this point I just want it done, so figure we can walk around for that amount of time and then at least it will be taken care of.  After an hour we return to the pharmacy to find that the prescription isn't filled.  I asked if she had an idea how long the prescription might take, she said "Could be until Monday."  Well, evidently "something" wasn't clear on the directions the doctor wrote down so they had to call the doctor and where awaiting a return call.  Doctors don't always return calls on a Saturday for things like that.  I asked for the prescription back, after over an hour wasted there.  I really wish they would have just paged me over the intercom to tell me there was an issue, then at least I could have saved a bit of time.

After pharmacy #3, I decided that the stress of filling the prescription was probably causing more damage from the stress then not getting it filled, so it will be waiting in my purse for when we arrive in Pittsburgh.  As far as entering the state of Kansas again, not going to happen any time soon.  We are now hundreds of miles away from that state and literally cheered as we crossed the boarder and where done with that state.  If anyone would like to start a business, offering customer service classes to the state of Kansas' businesses may be a lucrative one.


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Apr. 25, 2009 at 9:18 PM

Smile...I hear you, sounds like you were dealing with Generation Y.  It happens to me with every order in every type of industry.  They have a different idea about how life should be handled with as little effort extended as possible but major public relations' smooth words to get you to move away.  They are very time-oriented to finishing their task list each day, not wanting to go the extra mile.

I am sorry you had so much trouble getting food...I have diabetes, also, and it is a near panic situation when that magic 3 or 4 hour window of opportunity slips away with no food.  I have begun carrying baked Crescent Rolls with us...they do not spoil in the car after being baked.  Pillsbury. 

Kansas:  I was concerned.  See my TOPIX Albuquerque or Omaha.  Swine/Bird/Human Flu was just reported in that state.  There is a pandemic well underway now.  Texas, California, New York City and now Kansas.  Be very careful and ask the Lord to do what He has to in order to prevent you from being exposed to it.

Chuckle:  I loved your account of the "Which Pharmacy?"  What in the world was she talking about?  What did she think you had said?  It was really funny but I could feel the frustration level if it was me, standing wearily on my feet after fruitless searching.

Thanks for the update; I have been worried about you!  One question: where is husband?  I thought the entire family was going together!  Trust you are able to get good rest at night while enroute.

"Pittsburgh, here I come!!"

Enjoy your brother!

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Apr. 25, 2009 at 9:24 PM

P.S.  About the State of Kansas.  You would have to spend time in Kansas City, Missouri or just over the river in Kansas City, KS to perhaps get into more exciting amenities!  Wichita, also. 

One thing about Kansas that is amazing are their miles and miles of golden wheat waving at the end of the summer.  It gave me the same feeling as being at the ocean off the East Coast.  I was so shocked years ago when we stumbled onto it while going to a wedding in Kansas.  Those fields are the biggest contribution Kansas makes to the nation...they are just stunning in beauty. 

I am from New York City, so loving the prairie is saying a lot for me!  Smile.  Since you lived near mountains, though, I can understand how the long drive seemed awful.  I remember feeling that desolate sense of empty land when I first moved here long ago.  You get used to wherever you live.  Now, I revel in the windswept openness of the land and feel visually distracted when back in cluttered cities again!

I live in a large city now, also.  Always a city girl but now I miss seeing the country as well!  I grew up in the remote mountains of Upstate New York.  Why do we hearken back to our childhood settings when we get older?  It must be the longterm memory kicking in of times more simple.

Happy Trip!

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Apr. 25, 2009 at 11:29 PM

Hey there!  Hope your trip gets better.  Of course, it will feel like Florida when you get here.  Hope you have some summer clothes ready!  Be careful and take care of yourself.

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Apr. 26, 2009 at 3:12 PM

You should be in PA shortly, I hope.  What a mess you had in KS.  Not going back ever are you?  Simon can come visit you.  Nicer here anyway, at least half the stores in PA have CS and know what a pharmacy is. 

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