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i wnet to school with this guy. he was at my sweet 16 and gave me a rose and a kiss, which had me ecstatic cause he was one of the in crowd and i wasnt and everyone wanted to hang with him. then after my first marriage endedi came back. i "dated" him one night. i thought he had become kinda weird, but couldnt define it. i never spoke to him again. he told me he was just in clarksville for the wknd, but would be going back by nashville where he worked and lived now.   eewww....what a whack job! those poor ladies. jason if you ever get to read this, you are one sick twisted puppy. seriously.  want to know more about this one, just google wooded rapist... nasty sob!


Alleged Wooded Rapist Claims He Would Not Hurt Women

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Police said Jason Burdick was a sexual predator who hunted down his victims. In an exclusive interview with NewsChannel5 he said he would never hurt a woman.

Jason Burdick said he was not a rapist.

"I didn't have a problem with hurting women or even tying people up or something like that. No. I had good relationships - good relationships with all my ex-girlfriends and ex-wife," said Burdick.

He said he was not the Wooded Rapist - a man police said stalked more than a dozen women and then sexually assaulted them at gun or knife point

"I'm innocent - not guilty of this crime," said Burdick. "I was absolutely devastated by the charge."

In an exclusive jailhouse interview Burdick flanked by his attorneys said those who know him don't believe the charges.

"Jason is not a violent person. It would be extremely out of character for him to commit this offense," said Burdick's attorney Carrie Gasaway.

Many who knew Burdick before his arrest last year admitted the charges took them by surprise.

"Honestly, I don't have to reassure the people who know me. It's a given they don't even have to question me as a person. They've known me too long," said Burdick.

Buford Tune said Burdick enrolled in his gun safety course to obtain a permit.

"He came to a couple of classes," said Tune in 2008. "His complete demeanor never pointed at something like this."

Burdick said his girlfriend, the same one who was with him the day he was arrested, still comes weekly to visit him at the jail.

"It's been really hard for her," said Burdick.

Police believed Patricia Young was among Burdick's first victims some 14 years ago.

"I'm thankful the guy's off the streets," said Young in 2008. "The idea of him out there perpetuating the crime over and over is disturbing. It should be to all of us."

Burdick said he sympathized with the rape victims.

"I'm sorry that happened to them," said Burdick. "I hope they do find their attacker. I hope they find their attacker. I feel sorry for the ladies."

Police, of course, believe otherwise and claim to have the evidence to prove it.

Prosecutors said specific DNA samples taken from several of the rape victims all match with that of Jason Burdick.

Burdick is currently on trial for one of the cases. Closing Arguments will begin Wednesday morning.

We are providing gavel-to-gavel coverage of the trial on Newschannel 5-Plus or you can watch it on streaming video on NewsChannel5.com.


Robert Jason Burdick

Robert Jason BurdickThis is 38-year-old Robert Jason Burdick.

Up until the 1st of May, 2008, Robert Burdick has had two separate lives.

The first of those lives wasn’t bad. An entrepreneur, Robert Burdick had recently started his own company, WB Technologies, which specialized in home and business security systems. As you’d expect with someone whose profession involved securing people’s homes, Robert Burdick had no criminal record, other than speeding tickets.

Raised in a Christian household by two loving adoptive parents, Robert Burdick’s former girlfriend Gretchen Glaize has nothing but glowing reviews of her former paramour:

He was the best guy I ever dated in my life. He wined and dined me in expensive restaurants. His family is wonderful and accepting.

Odd. You’d think that Gretchen would have held onto that guy like crazy. She’s not getting any younger, you know. But no, Gretchen and Robert Jason Burdick broke up after almost a year of dating, which started in April of 2005 and lasted until early 2006.

After breaking up with Gretchen, Robert Burdick dated around the area, always leaving the women he dated with a good taste in their mouth. Robert Burdick even participated in a bachelor auction for the local Habitat for Humanity chapter.

So Robert Burdick was a nice guy, not at all like the man that authorities referred to as the “Wooded Rapist.”

For 14 years, starting in 1994, the “Wooded Rapist” has been working Nashville, attacking and raping women at night, usually during the rain and near…well….wooded areas. His modus operandi was usually to break into a house, hold a pistol or knife to the woman while raping her, then running off.

The last rape which can be attributed to the “Wooded Rapist” happened on the 1st of February, 2008, when a 16-year-old girl was assaulted on the driveway of her home at night by a masked man with a knife who emerged from a wooded area close by her family’s home.

Women in the area, who do not like being raped, lived in fear, fear which escalated after each reported rape. Serial rapists have that effect on a community.

Law enforcement officials enjoy catching serial rapists. The smiles on officers’ faces that accompany the thought of catching a serial rapist are right up there with the smiles that come with the apprehension of a child molester.

In 2006, a grand jury was presented with evidence against the “Wooded Rapist.” In the proceedings, the rapist was referred to as “John Doe” and the authorities had a considerable amount of evidence against him. DNA evidence taken from several of the victims formed a DNA profile that, according to the prosecutors, would match only one person in several billion. The jury thought the argument was convincing enough and returned an extensive indictment against Mr. John Doe. Five counts of aggravated rape, one count of attempted aggravated rape, one count of attempted rape, one count of aggravated assault and six counts of aggravated burglary were laid on the door of the “Wooded Rapist.”

The only thing left to do was find the guy and put a name to the indictment.

On the 28th of April, 2008, at about 30 minutes past midnight, police officer Elliot Hamm responded to a call in Brentwood. A resident had seen a man wandering around the area while dressed in black, wearing a mask and carrying a flashlight.

Driving around the area, Officer Hamm noticed Robert Jason Burdick in a Jeep, parked on the side of the road. As Robert Burdick started the Jeep up, Officer Hamm came over for a little chat.

Robert Burdick remained calm, cool and collected - as people should when talking to the police. When asked why he was in the area, Robert Burdick told Officer Hamm that he had just left a party, and that he’d had to park on the street due to a lack of parking space closer to the house. When the officer asked to search the Jeep, Burdick refused to allow him to do so, which was perfectly within his rights.

After collecting Robert Burdick’s information, Officer Hamm had no choice but to let him go. Of course, Officer Hamm checked into whether or not there had been a party…and there hadn’t been.

With that interesting tidbit of information in hand, Officer Hamm forwarded Burdick’s info to his police department’s Criminal Investigations Division. Investigators started 24-hour surveilance on Mr. Robert Jason Burdick, who was suddenly very interesting to everyone who had been working the “Wooded Rapist” cases.

Robert Burdick was followed to a Tee Gee’s restaurant, where he ordered the house special, ate and left. Detectives, who had been following Robert Burdick for several days, approached the manager of the restaurant, identified themselves and asked for the spoon, fork, soup bowl and glass that Robert Burdick had used during his meal.

The restaurant manager was happy to help, and police took in the items to be examined for DNA evidence.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the DNA profile that the grand jury agreed was responsible for several of the “Wooded Rapist” rapes matched the DNA collected after Robert Jason Burdick’s delicious and filling Tee Gee’s meal.

The police have their man, and the “John Doe” designation on that indictment will now be replaced with the name of Robert Jason Burdick. Other than Robert Burdick, his family and the women he recently dated - everyone’s pretty much happy about this development.

As of the time of this writing, Robert Jason Burdick hasn’t said anything to investigators. He is being held without bond, and faces a long, long time in prison.

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ew that is so disgusting, what a whack job

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i dated a nice guy so many years ago... now hes in jail for touching his 2 small daughters. i was horrifide and grossed out. good people or not they can still have a secret life. look at crigslist killer he was a med student and engagd.. u just never really know.. everyone be safe xo

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