I know that it has been a while since I've update on the friend of mine who was on life support.

She has been taken off of life support but in a good way. Shellie made it through her horrific ordeal but has an extremely long recovery.

I ran into Shellie's husband Kelly tonight at Wal-Mart while doing some birthday shopping for my little girl. Kelly told me that Shellie is doing well but the recovery is slow going. Shellie is demanding the Dr's let her out of the hospital and they are actually considering letting her come home tomorrow. Now a little back tracking.

Kelly said that her speech is slow and slurred. She mixes up her words in most sense is a toddler in an adult body. She is having to learn how to feed herself, dress herself, speak, walk and use the bathroom on her own. He said that when we as adults feel the need to use the bathroom most of us get a warning saying find a bathroom, but to her, her brain says find a bathroom and it means within seconds. It's like when we do the potty dance is what it is like for her.

Kelly has been laid off but because the hospital Shellie is in, it's a non profit hospital so they aren't having to worry about a huge hospital bill. His unemployment has also been cut off so he hasn't been up to see her in two days but thankful to his mom has had a ton of help. His mom has literally taken over as mom to their daughter and to Shellie's grandaughter. She revampted their entire house and reorganized. Kelly said his house looks like a mueseum. Kelly's mom bought Shellie a new Lay-z-boy for when she comes home. She also bought new bedding, a new couch, a new dresser set, new dishes and re did the guest room incase they have to bring in a hosptial bed for her.

Kelly has also told me that Shellie's brain has no filter. In other words meaning that when she speaks, she doesn't have the ability to think things through before saying them. If any of you watch Grey's Anatomy you know what I mean. He said that he would keep me updated as much as he can but because he lost his unemployment his cell phone is turned off. I am planning on a trip over there sometime tomorrow afternoon to talk to his mom and see what else is new with Shellie.

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for her, sent warm wishes and good thoughts out for Shellie. I really believe that this one was in the hands of God because the Dr's had at one point told us it was all up to her and God. We are keeping our prayers going so if you can to that would be great.


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