I recently took a break from the news and the Internet because I'm sick of all the political bs being slug around.  I'm so sick of hearing one side exclaim criticism of a President is a new thing and ignorant behavior. All the while they still can't quit lashing the last President and dismiss their own behavior over the past eight years.  

Now we have apparently developed the party of "NO" and the party of "YES".  But this isn't working. Why are so many people following blindly. I don't care who you voted for at some point you have to put aside your pride and look at the whole picture. It seems that Americans are the only ones not seeing our situation clearly. Look at the world news organizations and how even they are pointing this out.  We seem to be so locked in partisan politics we are blindly willing to accept what ever comes are way.

Those who dare object are now the bad guys and if you speak your mind publicly be prepared for open season on you!

This is ridiculous! We live in a free nation and saying "I don't agree" is not only a right in this country but a moral obligation.  In our nation it is up to the average Joe to smack Washington around so that a little common sense and reality can filter in once in a while.

None of us are completely right or wrong.   

To many important decisions are being made right now for Americans to just get in line and go along.

It's not about getting over the election, either this one or the one eight years ago, it's about getting over our pride long enough to face some harsh realities. We are on a train and the tracks are about to run out. Instead of slowing the train we ignorantly go full speed ahead. We scoff at those who say slow down or attempt to point out the tracks up ahead are missing.  We don't dare listen to them because after all thier only a 48% minority who disagree and we won the abiltity to be right this time, even if were wrong!   So we ignore the consequences of our decisions.  We want to believe we will somehow avoid the trackless section and continue to coast along at full speed?!?!  After all train wrecks can only happen on the other guys watch, not ours!

This is how we are allowing our country to be run.  But how many of us would run our personal lives this way?  What would happen if we did?

It's time to quit arguing and start listening to one another. Divided we all fail!


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May. 4, 2009 at 2:41 PM

Great post! I so agree with you.

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