To give a little background info. My parents were divorced a month before I was born. I have never actually met my in person. I always knew who he was but I always felt like he never acceopted me. My sister is 5 years older than me and was always his baby. So growing up she got the birthday cards and letters from him. And I got the promises that the next time he wrote there would be a letter for me. (He lived in CA we lived in MI) I never got anything from him. I even remeber when I was about 5 and we called him on his birthday that his new wife got on the phone and told me I wasn't his kid and not to call him back. I think I maybe talked to him once a year up until I was in my senior year of High School, thats when he wrote me the first letter. In this letter he actually seemed to care about what was going on in my life. That was the last letter I got from him. It hurt so bad because at this point I knew he was calling my sister at least once a week and even sending her birthday gifts. Well fast forward to about 3 years ago, he began trying to be there for me a little more. I got the monthly phone call from him. But it always seemed to be that he was only calling me because he was calling my sister. I have written him a lot and even called and he had no intrest in talking to me. I dont consider him my "dad" hes just my father. I had my son in November 07, and he called and asked for a picture, so i sent him one. That is the last I have heard from him. My sister still talks to him every week. He has moved recently and his address and number have changed and I know that if I wanted it my sister would give it to me. But I am so sick of trying to convice him to have a relationship with me or my son. But my address and number are still the same. So now the issue..I just found out from a family friend (not my sister or my father) that he is coming to visit my sister next month for a week. Me and my sister now live an hour apart and I don't know if I should just say forget him and not worry about it or what. It litterally drives me insane. Sorry this is so long I just have a lot of hard feelings for him. I dont know if I should even try to reach out again in hopes that maybe he will accept me.

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