The Pee Pee dance is a story about how wonderful a mother and her children are.

          You know how you and your 2 beautiful children are having a lovely day then you realize thru the middle of it there is not one thing that has gone wrong. There is no dropping of food on clean clothes. No hitting or biting or fighting for that matter. No instant moment of temper flare ups by the 4 year old. Then you smile to yourself and before the words can come you look over at the children and you see the face. I mean not the face of joy or questions about to roll off the tongue but the face of pure 4 year old anguish. There it is the moment you so was thinking may never happen to today. The most lovely day of all. You prepare yourself for the wants and the crying and the "lets make a deal" moment and there it is the spider-man drama from a boy. "Mommmmmmmaaaaa! I want that!!!!!", he says in the loudest attention grabbing voice on the aisle. All you can think is to tell him no and maybe he may not make a total fool out of you today.... No such luck you say no and then he starts a mile a minute. "Please momma I don't have one. Daddy said I could, I can't wait, I want it now, NO i don't like that cheap version." So 15 minutes later you have kinda resolved the issue by saying something along the lines of let me talk to daddy. Only if you are really good I will see about that." so on and so on. Finally you are stressed out and now the baby is crying. You make it to check out. There are long lines of people, even the 10 items or less line is packed with people who think "sure if I bought 80 items of the same thing it counts as one". Ha, on a side note people it does not. You think to yourself redemption is in the car. There is in that car, silence in the form of play cars, portable dvd players, coloring books, and of course snacks of a multitude of colors. You are the next in line you look down and there you see your 4 yr old with now a different face. Oh crap the pee pee dance. Here it is, "Momma I neeeedddd to go Pee Pee."  Then you think can i have him hold it. Is that wrong of me. His dancing becomes progressively more fervent.  Oh crap next in line  lady starts scanning then you look around for assistance. "Oh why does your daddy work" you think to yourself. He looks up at you and you know that the show he is doing is going to come to an end. Almost done checking out......And then it happens the flood gates of dancing has ended. The great day the countless, eager moments of peace and it has come to an end. He is the happiest and wettest child. He has peed.... Ofcourse, now everyone in line is appalled and you are embarrassed beyond belief. You blame yourself but what could you do. Baby was crying, you were next in line, son forgot to tell you earlier because he so desperately needed that spider-man toy. Well you know what, beyond the guy coming with the mop and bucket you know you have to clean him up. You apologize a million times, pay politely, and take your penguin walking son to the bathroom. You are a smart mom you always carry extra clothes; however you know the price you paid for just trying to get out the door. You clean him up and he thanks you. There is it. The Ending of the BEST DAY. Your son thanks you. He places his slender arms around your neck, kisses you, and says "Mommy your the best!"  I love my job!

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