My son's school is located in the city, in what was once a really awesome neighborhood. Now it's the hood. The crime rate is sky high there. The kind of place you don't dare roll down your windows and never pull over at night. So far since September there have been 4 shootings to cause the school to go into lockdown. Thismost recent one was across the street from my son's building. If the teacher was in the habit of opening the blinds on that side of the classroom they would have seen the whole thing. I really dont want to expose my son to that. He could have seen everything, he has to walk a long ways across campus to go to the other building for lunch, the playground is in sight of the street and he walks across campus to recieve his special services. I'm torn on what to do about this. I know I can't stop the crime but I don't want my kid to be hit by a stray bullet walking to another building or playing outside. I want to pull him out of school but he's deaf and this is the only deaf school in western New York and we don't have the resources to move to another area to put him in a better school. I'm truely scared for his safety and really frustrated because I spent so long looking for an apartment that would be safe and comfortable and meet his needs and he spends more time at school which is in a location I can't control. I'm so frustrated. I just want the best for him and he needs to be at that school but I don't want anything to happen to him.

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