I've had a busy year of personal gains and losses and found a whole new appreciation for the bible verse that is often translated into the saying, "The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away"

In the past I have always wrestled with this concept because of all the other verses that clearly state the God is not the author of evil, that He only wishes good things for His children, etc.  But now I've come to believe that I've been mis-interpeting the last part of that verse....the "take away" portion.

I believe both parts refer to God's grace and goodness towards us.  That it gives God great joy to give us the desires of our heart, AND that when life (not God) throws us challenges and obstacles He finds a way to take those things away or at least to bring other things to us to lessen the impact of the rotten things of this world.

This passage gets quoted so often around times of death and funerals and I wish that when preachers used it they clarified the last part.  For people in grief it would keep us from un-necessary questioning of our God - that did He really take away what was dear to us? Or, is he okay with the bad things that happen to good people here on this little planet?

I think He finds a way to take away the ill effects of those bad things.  If He took complete control and everything in our lives was always absolutely perfect, then there would be no real reason to acknowledge Him and develop a relationship with our creator (which is what He desires most of all).

Hope that my musings may help others......Live love!!




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May. 11, 2009 at 1:29 PM

I believe that He is in pain when we are. That if we only let Him he will help us.  That I am my own worst enemy, and that He would "take" my pain if i gave it.

Thank you , once again, for putting something so important out here for us to think about. So many are hurting now. Whether , if it's "this thing we do", our job, or , one of life's other problems, we must realize that it is not G-D that is trying to hurt us. Thank you for all you do.

Back to bed for me..still hiding, trying to protect my heart.

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Nov. 4, 2009 at 4:49 PM

Andrea, this is awesome! I have never looked at this verse like this, but after losing my brother-in-law 5 days ago, this verse in Job which I normally quote non-chalantly as others I'm sure, has NEW meaning. I WAS reading, "The Lord gives (us Billy) and the Lord taketh away (Billy)". But TODAY, I see "The Lord gives (peace and comfort) and the Lord taketh away (pain, sadness, grief). I really needed to come across this today. Thank you! ((((hugs!!))))

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