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Charlie James made his entrance last Tuesday (05/05) after about 18hrs of the easiest labor ever.

DH and I went out to eat late Monday night at this really great bar (aka really greasy food) after being in Illinois all evening for the viewing of his uncle who had just died. Everyone, of course, was terrified that I was just going to drop the baby on the drive over (about an hour from home and two hours from the hospital). I assured everyone he was not coming anytime soon. Later that night, about 10:00pm, I started having cramps, but I rightly assumed they were just the end result of my delectable bar hamburger and steak fries....they were not. DH and I took a long hot bath and talked and headed to bed.

About 3:00am my water broke. I got up changed myself and wiped myself off and went back to bed. I was having strong cramps/light contractions VERY irregularly. As long as I was asleep they weren't bothering me, but both my other children kept waking up in the middle of the night so then I was up literally all night. At about 5:00am the contractions were getting stronger, but were still 10min apart, then 7 min, then 13 min and I only felt them if I was up walking and moving about. I got out of bed, emailed my teacher (b/c I had a final that day at 1:30), washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and ran a load of laundry through. DH got up at about 7:00am and started getting ready to leave for the funeral. I reminded him that my water had broken (he thought he had dreamed it) and he began to flip out that we were not rushing to the hospital. He proceeded to call his mom and she began hounding me to rush into the hospital. I explained to both of them that I had already informed my midwife and she advised I do not leave just yet or I would be stuck in my hospital room all day long. DH, the boys and I proceeded to have breakfast and lounge around on the couch and watch tv. If I was laying down I hardly even noticed having contractions. My midwife told me to take the dog for a walk, but I had to study for my final. At about 12:00 I called my sister over to watch the boys so I could head into school. I neglected to inform my mom I was in fact in labor (b/c she too would flip out just as DH and MIL had). DH insisted he go to class w/me and we grabbed some lunch and walked around the gym before I left for class. My teacher about had a heat attack when she walked into the room and saw me sitting in the front row, considering I had informed her in my email that I was in fact in labor and my water had broken so I would not be taking the final...but I still felt fine, so why not? When I was finished w/my test DH nearly dragged me to the hospital where the nurse proceeded to hook me up to iv's and fetal monitoring blah, blah, blah. I was having stronger contractions that required some concentration but they were VERY irregular. I got to my room about 3:30pm and settled down but decided that laboring laying flat down on my back was not going to do it for me. I requested a birthing ball and it took awhile for my nurse to track them down, she said she had never used one before. I felt great! My contractions became closer together and stronger. My midwife suggested that I try laboring on my side for a little while and the contractions instantly became intense! As soon as they were over I could recover and continue talking to DH or visualizing meeting my new son. I began to feel lots of pressue in my bottom and my midwife said I was free to push if I felt like I needed to. Pushing never felt so good! My midwife said that I was 10cm and he was ready. I pushed two or three times and DH said his head was out and all I could think about was how HOT I was. I kept saying I needed a cold wash rag (luckily a nurse was paying attention and kept getting me cold water in my wash rag). Between pushes/contractions I felt great. I felt pleasant even. It was a strange pleasant/calm feeling before I had to push again. One more big push and he was out and laying on my stomach. He didn't even cry and DH began his panic attack, but Charlie was just fine. He was beautiful. 8lbs 9oz, 21in long, black hair, dark eyes...perfect.

He has nursed well but not w/o some annoying habits, if you will. He eats great and would nurse all day but he likes to play w/his tongue while he nurses and as such has made me quite sore. But I'm beginning to lose feeling in my nipples so I imagine that won't last much longer. He's peeing and pooing like a champ, so I know he's getting the nutrition he needs. He also has his days and his nights mixed up...hopefully we get that fixed soon.

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Jul. 29, 2009 at 4:27 PM

Congrats on your easy labor!! I just hope I go into labor on my own this time...maybe third time is a charm...we'll see =)

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