I thought I would give you a peek into what my day is like with 2 girls and a hubby.  Wake up around 3:30- 4 am...stumble into the kitchen inevitably tripping over something Sydney has left on the floor to make a bottle while Jade is screaming on the couch. Put the bottle in her mouth and then try to prop it up with a blanket that is always on the other side of the room when I need it the most so I can try to change her diaper quickly as not too wake her up too much so she will go back to sleep until atleast 7:30 a.m. Somewhere between 4:30 and 5 Mike's 2 alarms start going off to which I shake him and promptly tell him to shut them off so it doesn't wake up the baby. We repeat this about 3-4 times...however many times he hits the snooze button. He leaves the house around 6 a.m.  Sometime between 7:30 and 8 Sydney comes joyfully downstairs the whole time she's walking downstairs saying "goodmorning mommy" as loud as she can without yelling, on the off chance that Jade is still sleeping...she's not anymore after that. Then with Jade on one hip and Sydney practically on the other we go into the kitchen to get whatever Sydney wants for breakfast...juice and cereal or yogurt usually and then Sydney goes and turns on the computer and either pulls up her SpongeBob game or puts on a movie. Then around 10 a.m. I inevitably find her pulling her chair into the kitchen and trying to sneek into the freezer for a push-pop. Then we have a 5 minute discussion (every-day) about how we don't have ice cream until after lunch and only after we go potty. The time she choses to try to get in the freezer is always after i've sat down to feed Jade. After the second feeding of the day Jade goes in her swing...which Sydney has a seventh sense for...and Sydney walkes over after I've walked away and starts playing with the buttons or pushing the swing really hard or stopping it all together...whatever she's in the mood for that day. While Jade is in her swing I start cleaning. The living room first, usually the coffee table is the worst, since we sit there for dinner and that's where Sydney's little chair is..so she eats her meals there...unless she knows i'm not paying attention, then she takes her food to the computer desk. All the while Sydney is following behind me creating more of a mess. Then it's the kitchen...I clean out the sink..put the dishes in the dishwasher...wash all the bottles from the night before...make Mike's coffee for the next day...it's on a timer. Usually every other day or every 3 days we vacuum. As soon as Sydney see's the vacuum she plugs her ears and runs screaming "no mommy..wait!" up the stairs and slams her bedroom door. As soon as the vacuum shuts off she opens her door and screams down the stairs "are you done yet mommy?" After chores it's usually about lunch time. We go potty and get dressed and mabey play outside or go for a walk for half an hour. Then we come in usually kicking and screaming to eat lunch...which is usually a 20 minute ordeal for Sydney to decide what she wants while Jade is screaming for her lunch bottle and mom is inevitably always the last one to eat. Mike calls every day at noon while he's eating to see how the days going...as soon as I say "hi honey" Sydney is hanging on my pant-leg begging to talk to daddy.  After lunch if we've been good we get an ice cream. From 1-2 is mommy's soap opera...so Sydney must be quiet and watch one of her movies. Jade usually naps from 1-3 if i'm lucky. At 2 we usually play a game or go back outside depending on the weather. If Sydney really wants to go back outside and it's too hot, I open the blinds all the way and sit by the door...tell her to stay on the porch...and watch her from inside. While i'm sitting there she is a perfect little angel...as soon as I walk away to get the baby or answer the phone she's banging on the neighbors window or writing on the house with her chalk, or walked to where I can't see her...so I probably stick my head out the door and yell at her about 10 times in a half hour window. Then once I get tired of yelling she comes back inside. About 4 we start getting ready for dinner. Daddy get's home between 5-6. While i'm fixing dinner Sydney thinks it's hilliarious to run off with things...spices or the spoon I was just stirring something with. Then once I finally get dinner done we eat. Sydney gets up about 3 times for something..more juice or a napkin or to pick up the crumb she dropped. After dinner Mike goes to take a shower....Sydney follows and sits outside the bathroom door...knocking on it the whole time saying "daddy are you done yet?" you hear Mike yelling from the shower "Sydney go away...i'll be out in a minute...go play in your room!" Then once he gets out of the shower they usually play inside or they go outside and play ball. If Mike stops at any point to pay attention to the baby she immediatly gets in his face and says "no daddy..get away from her, don't touch her..it's not your baby, it's mommy's baby!"  they usually come back in around 7:30 so Sydney can take a bath have a snack and get ready for bed no later than 10 p.m. Jade's fussy time is usually between 6-9 p.m. so while Sydney is taking a bath Mike tries to walk around with Jade so I can have a little break to wash the bottles again for the night feedings and clean up from dinner and make his lunch for the next day. Oh yeah...I repeat the same sentence about 300 times a day.."Sydney please be quiet, your sister is sleeping"  "Sydney I told you to be quiet" "Sydney please wisper" After she gets ready for bed she watches SpongeBob for about half an hour. Jade usually falls asleep for the night about this time. When SpongeBob time is over and it's time for bed as soon as we click SpongeBob off she throws herself on the floor and gives a long drawn out "nooooooo" then like a light bulb she switches over and gets up says "goodnight mommy I love you, i'll see you in the morning..it's 10 o-clock i've gotta go to bed...the sun went to sleep." We walk through the house and turn the nightlights on...the kitchen, the bathroom, and Sydney's room. Then daddy and Sydney go upstairs..Sydney tucks SpongeBob into her bed and then Mike tucks Sydney in....5 minutes later Sydney is at the top of the stairs hollering for Mike to get her something to drink. She gets a drink and Mike goes back upstairs to tuck her in again...if during all the comotion Jade hasn't woken up wer'e in good shape. We wait 10-15 minutes to make sure they are both asleep and then have some "quality" time together...wether it be passing out on each other or doing the hokey-pokey...usually passing out...lol. Then I sleep from about 11 until 3:30-4 a.m. and do it all again. It makes me tired just reading this!!!!

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May. 21, 2009 at 2:00 AM

That was cool - I had no idea your day was like this.  Sydney is having a hard time sharing her parents, isn't she?  I feel for all of you!!!   And I'm sure Sydney doesn't totally understand what she's feeling inside.  Good to hear of her going potty - will make it easier on you.  I wish so much I lived in the same city so I could see you all lots!                                                                                        Love you much,                                                                                          Aunt Kylene 


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