If you've ever tried to quit smoking but just don't think you can kick the habit without committing mass homicide, you may want to check out Blu ecigs.  They work like a cigarette, but instead of smoke and tar, you are inhaling nicotine vapor.  The website has all the information, but essentially, you'll no longer be endangering your health or the health of others with your smoke.  You'll also not be endangering the health of others by feeling the necessity to lock everyone in room and set the thing on fire while you smoke 10 cigarettes at once lol. 

My husband has been a 2 pack a day smoker for the longest time, starting back when he was 18 years old.  It is a big problem here because right now cigarettes are at about $5 a pack and 2 packs a day is costing us about $300 a month!  He has been trying to quit, but nothing works.  Patches, gum, I think he'd even gotten antidepressants from the doctor at some point to try and quit. 

He found the blucigs online while looking for something to help him quit smoking and decided to get them.  Until he got them, I was thinking it was something we'd have to send back, because honestly, nothing has worked.  It was $60 for the start up kit, which included a charger which actually look like a cigarette package, a wall charger and a usb charger (usb???), a "carton" of liquid nicotine packs, 2 batteries, the atomizer...and I think that's it. Yeah... 60 bucks for something that we'd turn around and send back....

He got the package today, had batteries charged by noon and hasn't had a cigarette since!  He says there is absolutely no desire TO have a cigarette.  I tried one to see if he was lying because he didn't want to tell me he wanted to send it back, and sure as heck, it feels as though you're smoking a real cigarette!!!  No one is running out the door to get him more cigarettes because he's driving us crazy, and he isn't looking for the nearest lake to throw us all in!!!!  He is perfectly calm, relaxed!  I'm so so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited... lol I affiliated with the company.  How could I not?!?!?! lol

One of the best parts other than now I don't have to tease him about comitting suicide by smoking to get away from us because if he didn't smoke he couldn't be with us anyhow???  The liquid nicotine cartridges are the only thing you have to regularly replace.  The cartridges come in packs of 5.  There are 5 packs in each carton.  Each carton is $25.00.  Each CARTRIDGE equals about 15 cigarettes.  So essentially, $25.00 equals about 375 cigarettes!!!  We're figuring about a "carton" a week, which is $25 a week instead of $70, and $100 month compared to $300 a month......  Definitely a big difference!

Anyway - I wanted to share, I'm really excited for us, and it's working for us, so hopefully this will help others!!

Again, website is www.blucigs.com/index.php?ref=389

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May. 17, 2009 at 6:04 PM

I just wanted to update that since my posting this, the house has been smoke free ever since receiving the electronic cigarettes!!  Hubby hasn't had the desire to go out and purchase cigarettes! 

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