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Today my little one turns seven!  I know all moms say this, but I can't believe how quickly the years have gone by.  Being back in Pittsburgh where he was born and being pregnant again, I find myself thinking back a lot to how things where seven years ago.  So much has changed, and it is just amazing to watch how my little boy has grown. 

Just today I was touched to see how he handled a situation.  He was up in his room when he came down stairs and said "Mom, please don't be mad at me", of course every mother knows something that she isn't going to be too happy about will follow those words.  He told me he had accidentally broken something that I had asked him not to touch earlier.  I told him that I wasn't angry, just disappointed that he disobeyed and that he would need to tell his dad when he got home.   Cale said "ok mom", and went back upstairs for a few minutes.  He came back down with two little pieces of paper in his hand and said "Mom I wrote these for you to say I am sorry.".  The notes were simple as he is still working on his writting skills, one said MOM and the other said DAD.  I thought it was very big of him to realize that he should write out an apology note without me even asking him to.


Happy birthday, I am very proud of the young man that you are growing up to be.  


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May. 16, 2009 at 12:27 AM

Sweet story! I hope he has a GREAT Birthday!!

happy birthdayto CALE!!!!!!!!

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May. 19, 2009 at 5:22 PM

Oh my goodness: SEVEN!!!  I seriously cannot believe our little guys are so grown up right now.  I can very much relate to being joyous about something they will now say given a circumstance that before would have gotten a cry or denial or breakdown.  And the fact there are no more "fits" :)  Bode now says "my mom" or "my dad" instead of mommy or daddy....a little sad but so big.  Good thing all his front teeth are gone bcz no matter how big he is (aren't their legs SO long now???!!)  I can just look at his gapped smile and think ok he's not THAT big yet ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALE!!  How sweet it is :)  I hope mommy is good too!  I never found out, are you having a girl or boy and when's the due date?   

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May. 27, 2009 at 6:31 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CALE!  From a friend in Nebraska!

Hi, GCB,

I am dying to know what happened on the rest of your trip back East and what changes you are noticing.  We just got our kid's bike fixed and tuned for his graduate school move to your city and the bike shop guy said he knew the place had become very progressive, not a steel town much any more, lots of trails, etc.  Then today, I walked out to find Mother watching the city baseball pros playing the Cubs.  When I asked Mother who was winning, she happily replied, "I have no idea!" Alzheimer comments are so funny sometimes!

CONGRATULATIONS EARLY on the birth of your baby...getting close!

Do you feel "ready" and are you being careful to not reach high and stretch?  Don't injure those muscles needed for delivery, Momma!

I imagine you are "sleepy" as you posted!  I could have laid down on a shopping mall floor, so tired, not caring at all who would see me! 

Take care and glad your boy said the neatest thing re: the broken object. That is really, really special.  I am proud of him, too!


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