For and To all Mothers out their trying to protect their children

I have just gone through a custody battle with my ex-husband. I went to get full custody of my children after numerous bruises, bite marks and lack of hygiene.

I took pictures and sent them to my attorney 42 of them . My attorney put them in an evidence binder to be presented during the hearing. The judge did not allow the pictures because they were not date stamped. My attorney should have known this prior to the hearing. I have a new camera now, that date stamps the pictures.

My 6 year old son comes over constantly with bruises the size of silver dollar on his shins and a bit smaller on his arms . His father never notifies me when any of this happens. And if I say something, my ex denies that any of it happened.

My ex-husbands girlfriends son has bit my son so hard on the back of his arm, that my son has a scar. I asked my ex about it and he said that he did not know nothing about it. This child has bit my son 5 times.

I have even called CPS (Child Protective Services) about the bruises. They told me that it wasn’t a serious enough phone call to even take a report or even look into. They told me that they have kids in worse circumstances than mine.

Every time that my 6 year old son and my 8 year old daughter are here they have bruises and they smell, like bad B.O. Clothes that don’t fit them. My 8 year olds teacher has told me that she has had to safety pin her pants up so that they don’t fall down at school.

I still take pictures of my kids even after the custody battle, because the bruises are still happening. You would think that after the battle that my ex would be more cautious about what happens at his house. But he’s not.

Last Friday my significant other picked up my 8 year old from school. She told him that their dad’s girlfriends son bit her and she showed my significant other were she got bit. You could see the outline on the teeth marks, and the next day it was starting to bruise. She told us that she had told her dad about it, and when I asked my ex about it, he denied it even happened. He said that she never told him about it. But she told me that she told him about it and even showed him were she was bitten.

I deal with this on a regular basis. Every time I ask my ex any question in regards to what happens to my kids, he usually says this is the first time he’s heard about. And it’s none of my business what happens at my ex’s house.

The judge even ordered my ex and I into co-parent counseling. We’ve gone two times now. With no real progress. I keep doing what the counselor recommends and says to do. I’m doing this for my kids. And I’m trying to be a better co-parent with my ex.

The judge also recommend that my kids get counseling as well. They see the same counselor as my ex and I do.

The counselor has to send a report back to judge once counseling is completed.

With the judge closing the case, do I have to file another motion to get custody changed?

Or will the judge read through the counselor’s report and make additional changes then?

Isn’t child endangerment and child neglect a serious allegation?

After the judgment, my ex feels that he got away with murder and things have gotten worse.

Nothing has changed at my ex’s house.

I’m sick and tired of being lied to by my ex on a regular basis. And his lack of communication about my kids.



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May. 27, 2009 at 8:48 AM

I have never been through this so I don't know but I would keep fighting. Keep documenting everything. Though I have a question about the bruising my kids have bruises all over their legs and it is not from anything we are doing. Just normal kid stuff. Do they say their bruises come from neglect or abuse? As for the bite marks definitely pursue them on those tell dad they come over with no bite marks if they come home with them you are going to press charges. It is assault. Good Luck

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