Is your home messy, clean or somewhere in between?  I'm a really clean person and I can't stand clutter. Some people think with four kiddos and one on the way I'm too clean.  But I can not stand certain things to be a mess. I don't understand people who live in homes that are cluttered, smelly, or look like they have never been cleaned.  Especially when you have kids living in them.  I think when you let it get too bad that is a form of neglect.

I have lots of friends who are like me and you could walk into their homes anytime and they would be clean, not perfect but clean!  I know a few other moms who have laundry all over the place, stuff all over the floor, dishes never seem to be done, and I would prefer to use a gas station bathroom then their bathroom.  I babysat for a family once that had seven cats and the house smelled like cat urine. After you left the house your clothing would smell just like the house, it was nasty.  I honeslty don't understand how people live like this.

I get that not everyone desires a super clean sparkling home and that's fine. But how do you stand living in something that smells hideous or looks like you don't know what a trash can or cleaning products are?

I watch the BBC show "How Clean is your House" and I can not believe people live this way. A lot of the time they have children as well. It is really disgusting and down right lazy, IMO!

So, how messy is to messy?  Is this just me and my "clean freak" nature or is this actually gross to the majority of us?




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May. 27, 2009 at 1:08 PM

Hello, i agree that some people have to much crap.. lol my home is not spot less but its not messy.. i do have some clutter only because i have no storage area... so it looks cluttered in my closets... but ther eis never laundry in the living room... or anywhere else other then the laundry area... i do have to admit that sometimes dishes sit in the sink more then i would like them too but not enough to make my home smell... But i would like for my home to be presentable at all times so i do have to work on it... and i live in a very dusty area lol so i have to clean more then normal to keep it dust free... sometimes gets to be to much... so i have to not stress... over it..  i think i need to work out a schedule to get everything back in order .. there was a time where people would tell me that my house didnt even looked lived in ... idk.. lol but good point..


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May. 27, 2009 at 3:03 PM

Was this post directed at me?;) My house is not always clean I admit, but it won't be condemned (most days) I would still pick up a piece of chocolate and eat it off my floor if it was there less than 5 seconds. :)

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Jun. 12, 2009 at 7:15 PM

we don't have enough room in our house for all our "junk", but we are wokring on it.  while we are not neat freaks, our house does not smell, but it probably is not up to your standards lol.  but it works for us. i do understand what you are saying about the smell and such. i have a friend who has a friend who has  been threated to have her kids taken away for neglect.  she is too lazy to throw away diapers or even change the kids' diapers.  my friend watched her kids (4 of them plus her own three kids) for an entire weekend so the other woman could clean her house and the only thing that the lady managed to clean was her kitchen?  and she wonders why CS wants to take her kids away?

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