I work a lot of jobs here at the library. There are some I like more than others, but my favorite job is becoming the shelving I do. Since they let go of their offical shelver I have been picking up the slack. It's a job I have really hated till recently.  As a shelverI am responsible for putting away all the books in the library basically I am everyone's bitch. I have discovered the coolest part of the shelver's job. And it's the freedom. I don't stand behind a desk anymore or sit at a desk waiting for others to bombard me with the most asinine questions they can come up with. I don't have to tell anyone where I am at any particular time. I can hang in the back of the stacks and read a book for a solid half hour if I please. I get an extra long break b/c no one cares if I hang in the break room for an extra ten minutes. I get to run around and be helpful with my boss instead of having them tell me what I should be doing. I can arrive up to ten minutes late and no one cares. I can change my schedule on a moments notice if I need to. I don't do this often b/c I don't want to abuse it. I want to use it when I need it. Now mind you this sounds great, but it's only three to four hours a day that I am allowed this paid freedom. It's bitch detail and I have to clean up everyone's mess, but not a bad scene for such a small amount of time.

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