well those of you that know me know that Rick and i have had our ups and downs. well, we are completly in adownward spiral now. he has turned into a total child all the time now. if i go out to pay bills he calls me 3 and 4 times after i leave for stupid reasons. todays stupid reason was him asking if he had time to take a bath before he went to work. this was after i told him he couldn't call out because he didn't take a bath today. last time i looked he was an adult and knew how to tell time. but seriously last night was the big decision maker for me. i was sitting in the living room watching tv and he came out and finished drinking a 2 liter of soda we had. well while i'm sitting there he starts hitting me in the head repeatedly with the empty bottle and he wasn't doing it lightly either. i got fed up and once my brother got offline i got on just to get away from him. later that night he had Aidan in the bedroom with him and he calls me in the room to show me that he was going to sleep on his own and of course when i wen tin the room Aidan gets up to play. he also pulled a balloon off his wall and rick calls me in to fix it while he just stayed on teh bed. i'm just sick of his bullshit. we never go out and i think i can count on one hand how many times he has told me he loves me. he treats me like i'm just here to serve him and do anything he asks. i really don't need this anymore. he hasn't even bought pull ups for Aidan in over 3 months. and god forbid if i ask for even a new bra i get a big sob story about why i don't need something.  i just wish there was a way for him to leave and no thave a huge fight over Aidan. i mean his own son won't go to sleep for him or come to him when he calls him. i do know someone that actually cares for me and wants to take care of me and my son but he doesn't have his own place right now and would not want to live with my family(we've talked about this so i know). i know i'm bad for cheatin gon him but how do you cheat on somone that doesn't seem to even want you anymore? 

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May. 29, 2009 at 11:12 AM

It's hart to say what I'd do in your situation, but you need to get yourself out of that house.  I know that it's your family, but I think not living with them would do you a world of good.  As for Rick, I'd have kicked his sorry ass to the curb a long time ago.  I know you don't want to fight over Aiden, but right now, there isn't a judge in the world who would let Rick have him.  I'm sorry but who calls someone else to see if they should bathe before going to their job?  That's horrible!  How's he going to keep Aiden from being the smelly kid, when he's the smelly kid?  

But you know that I am 100% here for you.  And if you ever need to talk to someone, feel free to use me.  Just do what's right for you and Aiden.  Love you sweets, with great big hugs of encouragement!

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