I am a big dog lover through and through.  I currently own a Fila (Brazilian Mastiff) that weighs in at 130 lbs., and a chocolate Lab thats going around 83 lbs. at the moment.

My big dogs are sloppy and hairy and even smelly sometimes, but they are joyful at all times.  No matter how bad a mood I can be in, my Bear (the lab), can have me laughing in seconds.  Really!  Have you ever looked at a lab and not wondered to yourself "how could I ever be grumpy with that face around?"  He's five years old, but the vet says he has the energy and spirit of a pup, and his love for his people knows no bounds.

Moose (the Fila) thinks he is people, and trys to be in charge of the kids whenever possible.  He is their protector, their champion, and as long as he is here they have the ultimate best friend.  He may not play like the lab, but his bond with his family is indefinable and unbreakable.  You should see him if we've been on a short trip - he circles our legs and rubs all over us like a cat; and forget about sleeping alone that first night we get back.  He is on the bed before us and he's not budging!!

Both dogs will "walk" me whenever I let them, but it is always fun and never boring when we are out.  I may have to deal with a lot of drool, but I get tons of love in return.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

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May. 29, 2009 at 4:59 PM

Now you are making me feel guilty! 

We had a Boxer a year ago that had gotten bitten by a spider at 6 mos. old.  It was horrible, daily trips to the Vet for hydro therapy, changing of the bandages, literally a bucket over the poor guys head so he couldn't get to his OPEN drain (talk about gross).  $2500 later we were told we'd have to amputate his leg from the hip down or put him to sleep.  For 6 wks I had to care for this Pup, I couldn't do it any longer with such an injury and the kids home all summer.  I had enough one day, scooped him up and had him put down.  

The kids and I were headed to the bank and a girl was walking up to City Hall I told the kids "look she's walking Buster" at that same moment I realized it was May 9th the day he left us and I felt a sense of forgivness!

Needless to say, after that experience I'm not ready for another pet.  We'll see what the future holds.  I'll have to bring the kids over to play with your 2, lol!

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