It's that time of year.....

I finished with school last Thursday and have been enjoying my days alone at home as the kids are still in school and daycare.  I've been able to volunteer at my daughter's school and go on field trips and such!  It's been fun.  As a teacher myself, I don't get to do that often with my kids.

But next week the kids are done as well.  Next Wednesday at 4:00 it's officially summertime!!  Woo!  And we're excited!!

The kids will continue at daycare part time during the summer.  We have to pay to keep our spot and I figure that if I'm paying, they are going!  LOL  So anyhow, they will go to daycare Monday through Wednesday and then be home with me the rest of the week and weekend. 

So what to do with our at home time?

I want to come up with a summer schedule for myself and the kids. I find if we don't have one, we just end up messing around most of the day and getting nothing accomplished.  And with Katie going into the gifted program at school, we need to at least dedicate some time to math work to bring her up to speed with the other kids that will be going into first grade.  They will be starting the 1st grade math halfway through the year and doing the entire 2nd grade math curriculum as well.  Lots of work to catch up on!

So I'm thinking that we'll have "school" time each day that they are with me.  We also need outdoor time, bath time, lunch time, snack times, quiet time, reading time, cleaning time and cuddle time in there.  But lots of outdoor time!

So I'm thinking....and planning...hopefully in the next few days I can come up with a summer schedule that works for us.  A daily rhythm, so to speak.  Not that we'll be totally rigid, but we need something.  The kids need the routine or rhythm rather. I need it.  Otherwise we'll be on each others nerves before the end of the first week!

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