There are so many wonderful friends here and I would like to chat with all of you!  So I thought I could make it a little shorter by telling my story here where you could read it when you have time!LOL!  And we could get to know each other better!

My name is Evelyn Garcia and I am mom of 3, step-mom of 2, grandmother to 3 and wife to Ray.

I remember being about 7 or 8 and wanting to babysit!  I love babies!  My mom was very cautious and as I grew older into a teen and was asked by neighbors to babysit, she always made me decline politely, saying if something happened we would be responsible.  It was so unfair, I loved holding babies! 

As I got older, my sister's were starting their families and I got my wish of babysitting.  My niece's were my dream come true, I could babysit them to my heart's content!  I worked in high school and used my money to buy them gifts.  So of course when I graduated, instead of going to college, all I could think about was getting married and starting my own family.  That dream was dashed when I couldn't get pregnant and ended up divorced before 3 years.  But God works in mysterious ways!  Praise the Lord!  I would have never met my husband if it hadn't been for my ex divorcing me!  I am now married to the most wonderful man I know!  I have 3 beautiful children, they are now grown and I have a 6 y/o granddaughter that we just adore.  Yes, times were tough inbetween these years!  I wanted so desparately to be a sahm!  These are my kids and I wanted to be the one who raised them.  But during tough times, you sometimes have to put your dreams on hold.  I went back to work a year after my first baby was born.  That year had so  many wonderful memories!  You don't remember as much when you have to go to work everyday, Then I was able to stay at home another year when I became pregnant with my first daughter and got pleurisy.  It was painful and I had trouble just getting out of bed, had to roll over to the end of the bed to get up.  But I didn't mind because I was home with my son again.  I went back to work when my daughter was 9 months old.  It was so hard to see her little face at the door waiting for MOMMY to come home each night! 

Well, 2 years later I had my last daughter, and went back to work when she was just 6 weeks old!  I must have felt so guilty because I couldn't even breastfeed her, my milk would not come out and she had to go on formula.  I felt like a failure as a mom.  Luckily my husband worked nights and was there for support, she thrived just like the other 2.  We had moved closer to my parents because I just couldn't see leaving my kids with a sitter or put them in daycare!  My son cried everyday that first year!  I cried everyday that first year. 

Later a friend told me about how her friend was doing daycare and she and her husband had divorced, she had 5 kids, and I thought if she could do it so could I.  I called her and got all the info about starting a daycare.  I was really surprised that I was getting referrals from other families and had a thriving daycare business.  The kids were special, all of them, my kids loved the babies too!  It was 9 wonderful years being a stay at home mom again!  I could be there every day for my own kids.  It was hard, there is no mistaking that, be up by 6 am and the last kids went home at 6pm but I learned that there were lots of tax benefits for having a business in your home and we always seemed to have more cash than when I worked outside the home.   I stayed doing daycare for 9 years, til my youngest was 12 years old and then my husband's job was downsizing, and we had to make a decision to stay in the Long Beach area and he would work in a different department or move to San Diego and keep his same position.  It would be hard to give up my "KIDS" but the decision was one of the best we ever made. 

I found a job working nights at a hospital and could drive my kids to school during the day, then go to sleep and wake up and pick them up, and soon my son had his driver's license and could drive his sisters to school.

I still had the urge to be a sahm, and one day about 10 years later a neighbor showed me how she was working from home.

I could not believe that there was a company that could pay you what you are worth!  I had tried Amway before, and had not had any success.  But they taught me to take my vitamins, even though I didn't have energy I took them because my health was important to me if I wanted to be around for my kids and my grandkids. 

 I was so excited because I could actually tell my family and friends about a business with great products!  I had so much energy now, and my bronchial asthma went away!  No one had ever told me that cleaning products and personal care products and laundry products could cause asthma, allergies, cancer and even eczema and adhd.  But I could see my health was changing, and my granddaughter was not getting ear infections or bronchitis anymore!  And I started getting a check for the referrals and didn't have to have a garage full of inventory like Amway!  I hated writing out those receipts back then. 

It has been a blessing for our family!  Ray is healthy at 59 years old, he is not taking one single RX and is looking forward to retiring soon and having our home business income replace his income!  Hey moms, retirement income is NOT enough to get by, especially when the stock market has dropped so much!  His retirement from his first job is only $1500 a month, try to pay your house payment and utilities with that and what is left over to feed your family!

There are so many moms and families across the U.S. that are looking for a way to generate an income to just get them through to the end of the month.  This is the business of our dreams.  We have started helping other families build a residual income that is inheritable to their children. 

If anyone here needs help, don't be afraid to ask!  It truly is a business to last a lifetime!  I bless my enroller and neighbor everyday for sharing with me this awesome company! 

I am now proud to be a wahm and sahm!  Nana gets to walk her granddaughter to school every day! 

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Jun. 18, 2011 at 6:33 PM

wha kind of business is it?

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