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So I just got back from the grocery store.. had to run and get diapers and milk, of course.

As I am leaving, I am walking behind this cute blondegirl and her boyfriend/Sig. Other. She kept kinda.. turning and peeking at me... so I smiled at her, because when people look at me, thats what I do. She didnt smile back.. rather she turns to the guy and makes a "nodding" motion at me, one of those silent "Honey look at her" kind of moves.. and I happened to catch it. I mean I'm walking 4 feet behind you lady.. I can SEE you.

So he turns and looks at me, and looking a bit confused, mouths "what?" and she points at her head and goes... you wont believe this crap... "I wonder if those sunglasses are from the CLAIRES collection" and busts out laughing...

uh... huh?! Seriously chick? You.. just made fun of my.. sunglasses? (Which were on top of my head.. yes its dark, but I basically forgot they were up there from earlier. I do that all the time.. I wear them like headbands most of the time without even realising it. And yeah.. I'm one of those people who go "where are my glasses?" when they are on top of my head.)

Seriously chick? Why? I mean.. really. You are a pretty girl. You have a nice boyfriend it looks like.. why did you feel the need to openly mock me right in my face? Did I offend you in some way? Did my cart bump yours? Did someone piss in your Wheaties this morning? Or could it just be you are insecure? Could it be you have to tear down other girls, even if its something as stupid as ragging on their sunglasses (They are Forever21 btw, cost $2.50 on the clearance table! Woohoo for cheap crap made in China!)

Dontme wrong, the actual comment means nothing to me.. I don't give a crap if she likes my sunglasses.. they are big, they are gaudy, my best friend AND mom hate them.. but they are just my style. What bothered me is that she felt the need to be such a c*nt in the first place. What satisfaction did she gain? She knows I heard her, because she looked me right in the eye and I stared her down until she turned a bright purple and started walking faster.

They were buying supplies for their snow cone stand.. which is on the hill above the grocery store. I watched her waltz over, unlock the door, and step inside. Hmm.. maybe an anon. call to the health department is in order? Or I could have pointed out to her that her tiny white shorts were see through and her red thong was showing.. or that it gave her camel toe.. but no, I didn't.. Because that would make ME the bitch.

I used to be like her. I used to be SO insecure with myself that I felt the need to compare myself to EVERY other woman I saw.. and if she was skinnier, prettier, had nicer clothes, or had nicer hair, I immediately had to find something wrong with her to make myself feel better. I know why I did it.. I did it to build myself up, but it doesn't work, because you are still convincing yourself that you are not good enough and affirming that they are "better" than you in some way.

I cant pinpoint the exact time I gave it up.. I got married and had my first child within a year and I guess thats the period of time when I went through so many changes that I learned to love myself and appreciate other people for who they are and not what they look like. Now I still take pride in my appearance and I appreciate when others do too, but I dont tear people down to build myself up.. and I guess this just shocked me. I havent had anyone act that way to me since high school, and this girl was AT LEAST in her mid twenties. It seriously shocked me.. and it made me scoot just that much back into my shell. I've lived in Utah for two years now and have yet to meet a best friend.. I've met some great people who I could be friends with but its just never worked out. I am friendly and nice, I try to always be open to new people.. and women like this just completely shut me down and make me feel like you cant make new friends, because Im afraid of getting this reaction over and over.

 I dont get it. We were talking about this in one of my groups and all the women said they have had similar experiences.. but in a blind poll, 90% admitted that THEY have participated in similar catty crap. I dont get it. Why cant we stop the cycle?

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May. 30, 2009 at 3:11 AM

LMFAO. The first thing I thought of was " that sound like the pretty girls at the walmart here in Ogden" then I saw that you were from Ogden and I just had to laugh really hard.  Me and DH like to people watch but we never let them know we are looking at them.  Next time that happens caugh the word bitch.

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May. 30, 2009 at 3:30 AM

I wanted to! I wanted to SO bad. This was at the Smiths on Harrison..

I swear if I wasnt married, didnt have kids... she might have gotten tripped or shoved.. accidentally... just to teach her a little lesson. lol

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May. 30, 2009 at 8:37 AM

ha I would have shoved them glasses right up her cute little hiney and told her to go find out for herself!

The only reason I can think of as to why she did it is because she is an a$shole. Seriously.

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May. 30, 2009 at 9:16 AM

I have said things in the past that I do not think were right but the only one that I can remember now came after someone did something similar to the sun glasses thing to my ex-husband when he was my husband.  He rode in the rodeo and he loves western clothing so he wore it all of the time, we got out of the truck and this girl in a group of girls and one guy yells out  "Yeeehaaaaww!" no this is so wrong, I was about 19 then and it made me so mad because people said this to him all of the time, but who was he hurting by wearing this? So anyhow right after she yelled out her comment I yelled back " "Suuuueeeeeeyyyyyyy!" which is the call for pigs, that was uncalled for and I am sure that it cut her deep and back then I was a 0 so that made it even worse.  Not proud of that, in those days I had little control over my mouth.

Yet on here people will attack you for hitting the wrong key while typing and not proof reading every comment you make.  Because it is very important to be well versed and educated on a site that is made for fun...not a job interview!

And just so you know I use my sun glasses as a headband on a band hair day!  I really could care less if the "hot chick " thinks I am not fashionable.  I will continue to abuse people with the sight of sunglasses on my untamed hair! 

I am no longer quick to speak and I realize that the girl that yelled that and my ex was probably looking for a laugh from her friends so that she could feel important and popular, for some that is the only way they think they can get attention.  I feel bad for them.


God bless,


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May. 30, 2009 at 9:19 AM

*bad* hair day...I haven't had band hair since the early nineties! lol

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May. 30, 2009 at 12:16 PM

Thanks Erin... thats my conclusion too.. that chick was obviously just a straight up jerk. I mean if she wanted to make fun of me, she had more to pick from... the giant zit on my forehead.. the fact that I am 6 sizes larger than I used to be... the list goes on, lol!
I drove by there this morning on my way to go get some coffee and she was sitting out front of her little "stand" in a lawn chair.. it was all I had in me not to pull in there and say something. Or you know.. order a red snocone and then throw it on her little white track suit.

LOL Sheri I gotta laugh... that's a pretty good comeback for what she yelled!
My worst ever was similar.. my DH used to ride pro BMX, so there were always girls hanging around the track... biker groupies if you will.. and he knew alot of guys who were pretty famous in the BMX/skating world so there were always girls. Well we went to a race when we were dating and even though we were holding hands and I was clearly "with" him, this one chick and her friends would not back off. He told them point black to get lost, so they responded by coming back in their bikini tops and mini skirts and continuing to flirt..finally I snapped and I told her "he doesn't date cows, especially not ones with the face of a horse."

I felt SO BAD afterwards.. I should have just let it go.. I knew she wasnt really competition for me, but it angered me and I snapped. I feel bad now.. hopefully she was able to let it roll off her back.. then again when I was 10 I got really chubby for a year and my brother and his friends nicknamed me gummi bear and I havent really gotten over that so.. lol

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May. 31, 2009 at 9:50 AM

Sunglass offender here!!! LOL You know my SIL and I were having a similar conversation on Memorial Day.I think it is possibly an instinctin which we are born.LOL Most of us out grow or overcome.(notice I wrote most of us......Anyway I bet your glasses are adorable!!! When your tired of them,pass them around.We could the sisters of traveling sunglasses!!!! We'll unite against the B's of the world!!Ha Ha Ha

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May. 31, 2009 at 9:54 AM

many typos--so sorry ---please don't be catty.......80s blue

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May. 31, 2009 at 3:05 PM

LOL thats a good idea! Thanks for the smile :)

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Jun. 4, 2009 at 10:56 PM

Wow, can't wait to visit her snowcone shack with some roaches..........naaaaaaah, I wouldn't do that.  Muahahahaha!devil

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