I love having a garden. I love playing in the dirt. I love planting seeds and seedlings and watching them grow. I love watching them flower and fruit. I love harvesting fresh produce that I grew. It's great! Last night we finally started getting the garden in. Yes, that late.  Our last frost was just last week, so it's not too bad for us.  Sometimes we can do it the week before Memorial Day, but often it's into the first few weeks of June to plant.

So last night, after the kids went to bed, DH and I went out to the garden.  We didn't have much more than an hour to work before dark, so we worked hard.  DH put up the rest of the fence and then we got started.  We've never fenced our garden before - but this year with free-ranging chickens, we really need to!

Then we started planting.  We planted 8 asparagus tubers.  Very late for those, but we just picked them up.  Then we planted one blackberry bush and three different types of blueberry bushes.  3 rows of sweet corn.  12 green giant peppers.  4 valencia orange peppers.  4 hungarian sweet yellow peppers.  12 stonehead cabbage.  8 dutch flate late cabbage.  8 golden somethingorother cabbage.  4 cauliflowers.  And one row of onions.

We still have 28 tomato plants, 8 broccoli,  4 celery, 4 romaine lettuce, 4 buttercrunch lettuce, 12 cucumbers, 6 pumpkins and 15 strawberries.  Then there's the seeds to go in: sunflower, morning glory, heirloom peas and beans, lavendar, cilantro, basil and chives.

Yes, I love the garden.  I love having a HUGE garden!  I can't wait to see what we produce this year!

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