I wake up every morning and I wonder what happened to America? At what point did we decide that Government knows best how to pursue happiness for each of us? At what point did we accept a Government that can legislate or regulate itself into every aspect of our lives?  At what point did our rights only matter when we saw the opposing team as having control of them? At what point did will reliquenish control of our rights over our  INDIVIDUAL lives?

Are we really so loyal to a Donkey or Elephant that we allow ourselves to be blinded by our own pride that we now accept foolishness.

The type of foolishness that allowes us to be taxed for "our own benefit".  The type of foolishness that doesn't examine how our economy got here or what business model or plan those spending our money have to make it better. Or what right they have to control private industry, give bailouts, fire CEO's, appoint "Czars" ect.....  Instead we blindly nod our heads as the pundits talk.  We listen  intently as the President speaks and we don't dare ask "So where's the meat?" Mr. Prez.  We ignore it when our Speaker can't seem to tell what the truth is, instead we blindly stand by the Donkey she so kindly attached to the end of her name. 

We  follow believing  these people on the Hill have our best  Interests at heart, even though a few months ago we were all fired up against these same people for "protecting special interests". But today we trust them  because a slogan of "Change" and "Hope" was elegantly sold to us by a very likable guy.  We think "he must have the answers, right?"  Yet not a one of us in our hearts trusts a politician!  And rightly so.

All to often we the people are the reluctant  pawns in a game of chess. We will never win the game but we will be forced to take part in every game because we curiously came to believe our freedoms our held by the the Donkey or the Elephant.   We fail to realize without us guarding them, they have no power, we possess it all, they need us! 

 We have seen the catostrphic examples of Government attempting to micro manage our lives, yet we continue to allow it because for a time the Donkey or the Elephant had the power.  We like feeling as if we are a part of that power so we continue to play the game.  Sadly we ignore that far more than a victory is as stake here.  We only  realize that when we have been sacrificed for the game and we now sit with a few from the sidelines. 

Until then we can not fathom that are country could ever look like Russia or Germany once did.  That our currency could ever be as bad as Zimbaways.  We are Americans we have to much pride to admit certain truths because if we did........We might see we are selling our freedoms for the right to hold on to our foolish pride! 


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