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Friends and Friends and More Friends!!

Current or New Friends of Shauna Stringer. This is my new meeting place for all of my friends, or those of you that would like to be my friend. I am no longer with mybouya (you can ask me why if you like).
I will be launching a new website within the year. Family Resources, Social, Networking, Promote your home business, Work at home, Family Business, Products, or just join for fun. Please send me a email (optional) at shauna.stringer@yahoo.com I will add you to my special friends mailing list to keep you updated on the progress of my new website that is coming soon !! I would love some first hand opinions or suggestions from the most important key ingredient "My Members".
Hope to hear from you all soon !!
Shauna Stringer

You can always find this group with the following URL:

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