on phone well they did for me what any caring parent would and got me and most of mason's stuff out. but already it's been hard. like no smoking. when i was outside smoking 2 days ago ii was like i hope they don't catch me heck, i'm 31 ,not 13. Alas the next day mason was looking for me and he brought my dad with him i was outside to which my dad said "larissa i hope you're not smoking " and i said "yeeeaaa" so he said"i'm not going to put up with that" but i wear a jacket outside that stays outside so  hopefully it will combat the smell. they are such perfectionist. i know i couldn't make it here long. SO and i have been chatting in camfrog just about everyday wanting to be together. i am partly at fault -Even my dad would agree and he is one heck of A strong man

when i go back we are to make a list (i do 1, he does 1. his idea ) of what we expect from the other. we are going t o try to work it out. mason needs that.so on or about 15 july i will be back in round rock.

i do need to get another job though, no more  bars for me, they really take the best out of you. as a teenager - 24 it was all fun but you get old and you realize what sleazes they are and this is coming from a waitress i can only imagine the strippers POV.

i am in my no means a dirty person but this meticulousness here is driving me bonkers. i just want a cup to be left out overnight in the sink, i don't want to immediately go into a panic attack because milk got split on the floor. my mom is so high strung i just want to stick a big fat joint in her mouth and tell her to suck it! i love my mom but she needs to settle......hmmm maybe i'll slip her hafl  of my lorazepam in her drink. ......JK  :^)but on the upside my parents eat nothing but t.v. dinners which i can't bring  myself to do so i bought 4 salads and4 veggie baggies for now. plus she's  got a treadmill,  2 stationary bike but she won't give nOT one of them (i've been asking her for it before MASON born,although dad says i can have it and and a glider. i burned 543 calories today . i asked dad how much it cost he said not much 200 or 300 . i told him oh well that;s a lot for ME. but then without ANY OF MY prompting HE SAId, "WEllL I 'D HAVE TO BUY YOU'RE MOM A NEW ONE.  cooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmm maybe i'm going home with stationary bike at best then i can talk him into the treadmill. so when johnny sees me he'll be like WOW!

WEELL thanks for reading this far i am thankful for the 3 friends that replied to my PM especially you MYNDYI you are one heck of a person. give me a good time to call you   AND I'LL use my p's line for 15 and the we wiil use yours?  i would really love to meet you. and texas is a great place to v isit

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Jun. 4, 2009 at 12:42 PM

good luck momma ....hang in there

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