Have a baby shower or wedding shower coming up? A birthday or holiday to buy for? Do you want to get something they will never forget?

Our handmade Diaper Cakes are perfect for baby shower gifts or for new parents as they welcome home their little bundles of joys. These cakes feature many very useful items and can be tailored to meet your needs. The cake tiers themselves are made from diapers (sizes newborn up to a 2. The size 2 gives the new parents a little more time to enjoy the cake). They can have items hidden on the inside such as baby clothes, bottles, toys, etc.
On the outside they are decorated with ribbons, flowers, baby items such as toys, pacifiers, Johnson & Johnson baby care products (or any other brand of your liking), bows, and any other items you can think of that you would like to be incorporated into the cake. The recipients will absolutely love these unique, hand made gifts from the heart!

The same thing can be done with the towel cakes.. These cakes make great wedding shower gifts, birthday presents, or holiday gifts. The tiers of the cake are made out of small wash rags, hand towels, and a couple large towels. The colors can be whatever you choose. They can hold items such as body washes, soaps, picture frames, candles, and much more! Whatever items you would like to be included in the cake, we are sure we can find a creative way to get it done! These cakes are also decorated with ribbons, flowers, and any other decorative items you would want.

We also make diaper wreaths, which are similar to the diaper cake, only the diapers are made into a wreath instead of a cake. We can do baby sock rose bouquets, which is where we use the baby socks and form them into roses and make a beautiful bouquet for the new parent/parents to be! These are a great gift for a husband to get his wife right after delivery, as these roses never die, and will come in very handy when your little one's feet get cold!

Other item's we do are custom tote bags, scrapbooks, or scrapbook pages, canvases, picture frames, tie knot blankets, hand made invitations, party favors, guest pins, and much more. If you have an idea for a new item, just let us know and we will gladly accept the challenge! We love trying out new ideas and products! Also, be on the look out for our website, coming soon.

Sisterly Creations
Val & Amber

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