Bevin was due 02/28/09...due to EXTREME back pain I was put on bed rest 01/15/09.  My doctor scheduled me to be induced Saturday 02/21/09 (exactly a week before my due date)...I was already 3 cm, but my cervix was too thick to break my water, so I was hooked to the pitocin and had to wait...I was there all day and NOTHING, so about 8pm I was sent home and scheduled to come back Tuesday 02/24/09.

We arrived Tuesday morning about 5am and was in a room by 6am...I had a nutty nurse who drove me nuts and took FOREVER...FINALLY at 9am the Doctor came in and said based on the pas Saturday she was going to give me a vaginal insert to soften my took about 4 hours, she would be back at 1 to break my water...the nurse gave me an insert and I was off...luckily there was an SVU (one of my FAV shows) marathon on so I was 1, the doctor came in broke my water and had the nurse hook up my pitocin.  About 3 my SVU mini marathon was over and I switch to Charmed, where I realized I liked Paige better for our daughter's middle name then Peyton (DH's choice), so I threw it out there for him to decide, he agreed.  My friend Kellie showed up around this same time and we played Barbie Uno...about 4 my contractions were getting painful so my nurse came in (new nurse at this point, an older woman, that was nice, but you could tell you didn't want to piss her off).  I told her I was in pain, but didn't want the epi yet, she suggest some med that she would give me via IV, it lasted about 2 hours...she said she could give it to me every 2 hours, but to be pre-warned after the 2nd time it didn't really work anymore...At 4:30 I asked if the nurse could see how far I was dilated as my mom was still at work and I wanted to know if she should come straight after work or not...sadly I was only 3 centimeters, so I call my mom and tell her to wait until 6pm or so to head out to the hospital...about 5 I'm feeling very drowsy and falling in and out of sleep, dreaming of red mini vans and cinnamon toast 5:30 I'm in TOO much pain and the nurse says she can give me another dose of meds in my IV even thou it's a little early...she does and for the next 5-10 minutes I am dosing, but the contractions wake me up, they are too much I need an epi NOW...she brings the guy in right away and I have my epi in about 2 this point it's 5:45-5:50 and she's getting me ready for the catheter, so Kellie goes home and tells us to call her when stuff starts happening...she goes to insert my catheter and I'm 10 centimeters!  Now that I have the epi I can barely keep my eyes in, the nurse throws the catheter to the side and gets the I dose in and out I tell my husband to call my mom and tell her to get here NOW…he calls her and luckily she had already left, but she was still apx 20 minutes away.  The nurse tells me they are turning off the epi, I freak because I just got it and push the button for a quick extra dose…not a good idea… the Doctor tells me she needs to see if I can push because I’m so out of it…I’m pushing as hard as I can thinking “great job!” I look at the doctor and she shakes her head and said I’m not doing anything…I keep trying and FINALLY I’m actually pushing…she tells me to go ahead and start pushing to get the baby out…But wait, my mom isn’t here yet…I make my husband call her again, she’s about 10 minutes away!  I tell the doctor I am not pushing until my mom gets here…the doctor tells me the baby is crowning and ready to go, I tell her no, not till my mom gets here…another nurse asks for my mom’s description and goes to wait for her…My mom gets to the L & D to check in, there is a man in front of her, she asks to cut because her daughter is in labor and he says so is my wife, so she kindly apologizes, understands and waits for him to check in…my mom walks in the room at 6:15, I push 5 times and Miss Bevin Paige arrived 8 minutes later at 6:23pm weighing 7lbs 2ozs…

A few hours later my mom saw the man in the hallway and asked if his wife had her baby…he said no, she was just admitted into a room…my mom then tells him I had mine and she made it with 8 minutes to spare…he then apologizes for not letting her cut…when my mom said I was in labor, he assumed she met I was just brought to the hospital and was getting set up in a room, he didn’t realize I was literally holding the baby in for her ;)

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Sep. 11, 2009 at 12:26 PM

thats so funny!!! i asked to be induced b/c i was 3 days late.....  i had a bunch of pain meds and i slept through most of my labor ....after i had her i got a chance to kiss her and i fell asleep lol!! i found out later that they had to turn off my epidural so they gave me demeral and it knocked me out!! but i love the journal!

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