Only 6 months since my last post,  yet a lifetime of heartaches and happy memories has taken place.  I watched kittens be born on March 13 and chose one right away to become part of our family.  I watched my Grandfather die March 21 and I miss him so much.  My younger son developed another relationship with a gal who lives here in town.  A blessing?  We will see.  My older son had a major injury to his hand the last week of school in May.  My brother and his wife have moved back to Iowa, how I miss his 2 older kids that I watched every day after school for 7 months.

My son Timothy's 2 cats are getting older.  I can't imagine what he will go through when his dear beloved Shadow passes away.  They are so connected to each other.  When Tim is away at college, his cat wanders the hall looking for him.  He'll settle down only after 2-3 days.  I thought it best to bring another cat into the family so he will have another to bond with when the inevitable happens with his Shadow who is now 12 years old.  I pray we have many more years with Shadow, after all I've had two other cats that lived to be 18.  I watched Cupcake (CC) be born from my brother's cat.  She is a beautiful silver & black tabby.  She is feisty and lovable at the same time. 

My grandfather was such an important part of my life for 44 years.  Life has been difficult for him these last 7 years after Grandma died.  I know he was lonely.  We tried to include him in all family functions.  But those of you who are married probably understand how difficult it is to go places w/o your beloved spouse by your side.  He was just passing time here on earth waiting for his chance to go to heaven and see grandma.  This last year was really rough.  In and out of nursing homes and hospitals.  I so wish I had spent more time with him.  How boring and depressing it must have been.  He no longer did the things he enjoyed - reading and watching game shows.  I am not sure why, his excuse was he couldn't see or hear well enough.  I am not so sure that is the real reason, he had glasses and hearing aides.  I think he was depressed and had lost all interest in life here on earth. His final hours here on earth I was with him at the hospital along with my mom (his daughter) and her 2 sisters.  We sat around his bed and told stories, held his hand and massaged his cold legs and feet.  We gave him permission to make the journey to heaven to see all those that have gone before him.   I am glad he is in heaven, but I still miss him greatly.  Life does go on. 

My younger son had found a new girlfriend.  I have my doubts about this one, although she is a sweetheart.  She seems more mature than he is and is 4 years younger than him.  At least this one's family approves (unlike my older son and his 5 years younger girlfriend).  She is very needy and emotional.  She wants him near her at all times and pouts.  Yeah I did say she seemed "more mature".  She is more mature than the last couple of girlfriends.  This is the first girlfriend though that I have included pics of in his scrapbook.  And after this semester at college, he will be coming home for a year and taking all online classes.  Yeah, it isn't practical to spend money to live in the dorm in Fremont when his classes for the next 2 semesters are all online.  But i think he also arranged it this way so he could be closer to his girlfriend.  Time will tell if this is a good idea.  I was so getting use to having the boys living away from home.  Now we have to start all over again.

God has also provided blessings to my life.  My older son Willie had a compound dislocation in 3 joints of his finger with the bone coming popping out of the skin on mother's day while he was away at college (playing dodgeball).  It has healed well although his finger is still twice it's normal size.  Not sure it will ever be normal again.  The doctor was just relieved they could put it all back together and not amputate it.  So am I.  He is now home for the summer and looking for a job.  Perhaps the one at First Baptist Day Camp will pan out.  He would be perfect for their summer program - sports related.

And finally, my brother and his wife have gone back to living in IA for the summer and perhaps forever.  I have been watching their 2 oldest kids after school since October.  It has been a journey.  I enjoyed it most days, but also looked forward to the day i would have my afternoons to myself once again.  The last 2 weeks were bittersweet.  They were rambunctious and anxious for school to be out so they could go back to the farm in IA.  They were demanding and pouting and difficult to get along with.  But I also knew our time together was getting shorter.  Now they are finally gone and I am at a loss as to what to do with my afternoons once again. I have so many options, i just sit and wonder what I should be doing.  Oh well, I am sure my routine will be settling down once again. 

The seasons of life are changing once again.....

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Jun. 7, 2009 at 7:51 PM

I'm sorry about your Grandfather. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

It sounds like it stays pretty busy around your house. Hope everything works out for your guys.

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