We are having such a wonderful weekend.  The weather is beautiful and it is so nice to be enjoying outside.   Spending special time with my son is most precious.  He helped me plant some flowers...his job was to dig ...lol.  Afterwards we went swimming in the pool,  hearing his laughter fills my heart with so much joy.  Next it was playing in his sandbox which he just loves.  Then we took a snack time for outside- we had some cheese curls.  Of course his face was covered with the cheese...lol.  He is 4 years old, and sometimes I wonder where the time has gone.  I take plenty of pictures, to cherish the moments.  As we were going back inside our house, I looked and on my kitchen door window is his little handprint.  I did not wipe it away, but kept it there.  It is the little things that touch my heart, and seeing his handprint was something I had always dreamed of before I finally became a mom!  I could not ever imagine my life without a child.   Thank God for my precious blessing.....boy kissing mom

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Jun. 13, 2009 at 6:37 AM

:)  I love the simple times with relaxing fun.  No frills needed, just me my daughter and a day all our own.

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