We got Robby's IEP progress notes in the mail today, and I realized that maybe I should share something with my mommy friends incase they ever see this on their kiddo's IEP so they don't freak out. 

NP-no progress.

I understand 100% why this is stated for the reporting period that ended on 12/22/2008.  But I realized that many of you may not, and it may upset you if you see NP-no progess on your kiddo's IEP.  Robby's IEP was written on 12/10/2008, so with it only being 12 days old, no measureable progress had been made.  He was still at the same progress level in the PLP (present level of performance).  NP does not mean in anyway that your child has not made any progress since the last reporting period.  It means that no progress has been made since this document was written.  If an IEP is less than 1 month old at the time of the reporting (which are usually standardized based on when school's send out report cards-if report cards go home, IEP progress notes should too) it is 100% acceptable and proper to have no progress towards the goals at that time. 

Just thought I would share.  My background gives me the advantage of understanding a lot more than many people who don't have a sped degree, and if I can avoid one momma freaking out over this, it is well worth it!

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Jun. 9, 2009 at 5:25 PM

that was soooo kind of your to share that with us and you are correct in assuming that  such a comment definitely would freak out just about every parent that reads it. All I can say is,  YOU ARE SO SMART!!!!  thank you for looking out for us parents of SPED kids. You're the best!!

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Jun. 11, 2009 at 7:50 AM

Thanks for sharing, I just got Jimmers too, he has made some improvements, but Jimmy changes like the weather.  My biggest thing is when he had a One-on-one aide, he always excelled, & since they "took that away", "due to kid/teacher-aide ratio" he's gone down hill BIG TIME, tho they say its him,  I fight that every year.....At his last IEP I "tabled" it, meaning, wouldn't sign it, but eventually 3 weeks later we reconveined and I got what I wanted, not all but enough to keep him in school, as I was ready to pull him out.........what they wanted to do was send him to the class in the high school - but that's a novel................

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