...and not because of the usual fears for her physical well-being. This kid depends on everyone around her to make everything happen. God, if she needs to see a doctor, she'll be calling me to make the appointment. I know she's a bit awkward talking to strangers on the phone, but good God...she's graduating this week and was all excited about going out to dinner with the whole family--us, her grandparents, her BF, his parents and his brother. Then she disappeared every day for hours and said nothing about the dinner.

So my sister called and wanted to know when the dinner is so she can plan a party around it. I had no clue because I was told nothing--no day, no time, no restaurant, who was going, etc. I spent all afternoon today getting a reservation for Friday night and was stuck with 8:30 because of her lack of action and planning. It's a miracle I got it at all. She never said whether she or anyone else had done anything about it and never asked me to do anything.

This kid expects everything to fall into place with the wave of a wand. Three months after starting college, I became severely ill from a medication reaction that lasted nearly three years before I finally got my third neurologist to get to the bottom of why I was on the brink of suicide from a multitude of adverse effects from something that was supposed to help me live a seizure-free life. I'd like to think she'll never go through such hell (she doesn't have any serious chronic health problems, thank God), but she obviously needs some sort of kick in the ass to grow up and assume some responsibility. If I hadn't learned that, I would have died. What will it take for her?

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Jun. 9, 2009 at 7:31 PM

Good Rant!  Been there, done that.  Teens are rough.  Lizard, the only way they learn is to "suffer the natural consquences of their poor or good choices"  I learned that from my ToughLove group years ago.  I had an irresponsible dtr who was also mean and nasty about things that were done for her!  I let go and let God. Whew, it was not easy, but am I glad I did.

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