i have a 20 month old and a 2 month old so yes i have my hands full that ain't the problem the problem is getting them to sleep.My daughter has always been hard to get to sleep no matter what well at bed time any ways but during the day she was always easy to get to take a nap. Well with my son i can't even get him to take a nap at all. He trys to stay up all day long and it ain't like he just lays in his bed and looks around he crys most of the time i finially get him to sleep around 12am and then here is his schdule

12am out for the night(Not always) eats 6 oz

3am up again crying

4am up crying agian, so i fix him a bottle eats 6oz

5am crying again so i change his diaper

6am crying again so i fix another bottle

10am Cadance is up for the day

12pm cat nap like 10 mintues

1pm daddy will be home soon

2pm Cadance uausally takes a nap

3pm chris eat again 6oz

4pm he decdies he is tried so he takes an hour nap

5 ready to eat again 6oz

then he is up til like 8 or 9 then he takes another hour nap

well today he has been awake since 4am and still has not asleep yet and it 1:30pm


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Jun. 15, 2009 at 2:51 PM

well my goodness. umm when i found out i was pregnant with my second my son was just a 1yr. all i really wanted to do was sleep and he didnt. so i would put a movie on in my room and lay him down with me. he would watch the tape so i could sleep. he hated to to to bed at a early time like8 so we got a tv and vcr for his room at night after dinner and a bath we told him ok. now u get to watch a video when is done its nanite time. seems to work. with my newborn she was and is still very sick so mommy had to rock her alot my brother brought a swing and i would put her in it. i would have to push her a little bit in order for her to sleep. now i put her in her carseat and rock that and shes out for a few  hrs good luck

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