Ok.. In all fairness to my mother, I am 21 years old and not yet married (we decided to wait until next year or so). But ever since I told her I was pregnant, she has not said one positive thing! not even cracked a smile! I know how my mother is; she worries about me like mothers should. However, this is the most exciting/scary/wonderful/terrifying/beautiful thing that has ever happened to me! And my mother should be sharing this with me! She should be enjoying this with me! But anytime I say "Hey look at my belly!" or ask any kind of question, she is very stern..and well... just miserable to talk to. Whether or not she wants this to happen, it is!!! Even if she has some idea that De'Maris (my fiance) is going to walk out and leave me, or that I'm too young to be a mother, doesn't stop our excitement or our love for our baby and each other. I just wish she would stop looking at this as a "bad" situation, and start finding joy in it. It hurts so much to have your mother be so... mean, when all you want is to be happy. and enjoy being pregnant to the fullest...

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Jun. 15, 2009 at 7:32 PM

Every time a baby is brought into this world it is a miracle.  She should appreciate it for just that.  Oftentimes, the situation isn't quite right.  In fact if we all waited for the perfect time in our lives to have a child, there probably would be very few children.  I hope she can get past her negative feeling to help make an environment full of love for your child.  It is the least your baby deserves.  You deserve to have as little stress in your life as possible while you are carrying this child.  She should understand this.

I am hoping she is just worried for you all and unsure how to express it.  Maybe a heart to heart chat with her?

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Jun. 16, 2009 at 3:45 PM

My first ultrasound is Thursday, and she is coming with us. Hopefully, after seeing the baby for the first time, she will come around.. hopefully =)

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