my poor boyfriend got hurt pretty badly fri. and didn't know how bad it was until he washed out the wound and realized he could see his knee cap. he went to the hos. and the stitched it up. he had to go back earlier today to make sure there was no infection. well, there was and now he has to go through surgery in the morning and i can't be there for him.

i couldn.t fin a sitter last moment so the poor thing is laid up in a bed scared out of his mind all alone. he can't move, the pain is so bad and all he has is me. he has no fam. or anyone, just me and our daughter.

and what's worse is i want to blame my friends because a couple of them could have stayed with her while she slept. but i  know how selfish young age can be ( i'm still 23 myself.) it just hurts you really know who your true friends are when it comes down to really needing them. but i know it's not their fault and i can't really blame them.

i just know what he is going through. i broke my jaw a couple yrs. back and had no one there for me, just me. no money, no meds, all in pain, with my moth wired shut and a permanent plate in my chin. i understand what he going through and i feel so horrible that i can't be there for him. the one person that should be there, isn't.

i know i haven't been as nice to to him as i should be (i'm bi-polar.) but he is such a good man. ofcourse, we have our disagreements. but who doesn't. it's just now i look back, and think, "what for? " all of out fights have been over petty little things.

if anyone reads this, i'm not looking for sympathy. just pray for him. if this surgery doesn't go right and they don't get all of the infection, he could lose his leg. and he has been through so much already. all i ask is pray. he is a good man and father and doesn't deserve to lose his leg. all he thinks about is not being able to take his baby for their morning walks.

thank you for your hearts,

Catherine and Liliana

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Jun. 16, 2009 at 8:31 PM

I wish I knew you. I'd watch your child if I could! I'm sorry. That really sucks for you guys, but he is lucky to have such a caring girlfriend.

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Jun. 17, 2009 at 12:40 PM


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