Ugh!  From those of you who know me through myspace as well as through here, you know that we ended up losing our home this past winter.  With the "wonderful" economy, our business ceased profiting and we weren't able to keep up with our house payments.  Thanks to the love and support of certain family memebers, my kids were kept a float and we had a place to call home, even if it meant squeezing ourselves in 2 bedrooms (and ONE bathroom between all 9 of us).  We had planned on staying here until we found a new place to call home, but after having to file bankruptcy (because of personal loans through the business) no bank will touch us for 2 years.  We are currently living with my parents and they have been nothing but selfless and wonderful.  But things are still crazy and the space seems to get smaller everyday, not to mention we'll be adding another blessing to the mix next month.  So....we have been house-hunting (rent or rent to own of course), but very few people want to take in so many children with two large dogs and bad credit.   We found a landlord who had a house that needed to be fixed up, but he took us with all of our flaws.  The bad news though, is that him and his wife had more flaws than we had...and Matt & I didn't feel safe renting from them.  They still have our $1200 deposit though....I hope that's not money we never see again.  Now we found the "perfect" home, in a nice rural communtiy on an acre of land...3 bedrooms & 2 baths upstairs, full finished basement with two additional bedrooms downstairs.  The landlord is an older lady who is going to be making her decision this weekend between us and 14 other potential tenants.  We already have a disadvantage having large dogs and bad credit...but she did fall in love with the kids and is hoping to sell the place (exactly what we would hope for!).   So please keep your fingers crossed, pray, or whatever it is you do best!  My family needs a place of our own to call home.....and I hope it's within our reach.  =)

*UPDATE*  We still don't have an answer on the house.  The homeowner prefers a couple with no children...maybe one.  Is she insane?  What single couple would want to rent an acre of land?  They usually go for the townhomes that have minimal maintenance...   And yes, I understand that we are a "risk" because of our bankruptcy...but Matt has a steady job with a utility company and we have a huge chunk of money saved up.  Anyone who has good credit would be BUYING not trying to rent!!!!!  We've been looking at over a dozen other houses, and it's always the same thing; "We like you but, this..." We like you, but that...."Ugh...I am just so fed up!  Living here is getting too stressful, there is a wall going up between Matt & I, and I am just soooo tired of crying. 

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Jun. 26, 2009 at 9:18 AM

I am so sorry that your family is going through this.  We nearly lost our home to foreclosure 2.5yrs ago, thanks to a land sale, we were able to pull it out of foreclosure shortly before it went to auction.  It was very stressful on the whole family -extended family included.  I don't have a house for you, but you do have my understanding and support.  I wish you the best and hope you find a home soon!

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Jun. 26, 2009 at 9:31 AM

I recently let my home get foreclosed on because I couldn't make the payments. :-/ I live with a large family, and I understand how difficult if must be for you to find affordable housing for so many, and it be safe and clean.

Have you considered home sharing? I live with my best friends family, I help with laundry and with the kids in exchange for a home and food. lol. It really is a great option.

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Jun. 26, 2009 at 10:58 AM

I wish you the best with house hunting. Been there, except with 3 kids instead of nine. My suggestions have more to do with 'how to survive'. Date night with husband, even if it's a quiet coffee or  a free walk. Take care of yourself, you're no good to the kids if you get so frustrated you can't help them as good. Get a haircut (cut my own, once), buy a cheapy bottle of nail polish, wear something nice even around the house (think light and bright colors), take a nice bath and soak, relaxing music. aka... try to bring in good karma. It will reflect in how you interact with others and help keep your marriage stable... maybe even help when you talk to others about that house when you're out hunting. Body language is alot. Mom stressed is bad news for everyone!

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