I know the title is silly, but I do. But then we would just be junk-less people and that wouldn't be any fun. Plus it won't be so bad after my morning sickness goes away. I had very severe morning sickness with my son starting at four weeks until my second trimester. This time it didn't start until eight weeks and it is not as bad, at least I haven't thrown up on myself in the car as much. I am still in school and it is really daunting to even think about caring for two kids. Getting two out the door. Feeding two. Dressing and bathing two. My son is going to be so jealous. I just feel so tired, getting occasional headaches but at least I'm not being plagued with nosebleeds this time. My man told me I might have to put the kids in daycare and I was like NO WAY. When my son was in daycare I felt so bad for leaving him there he cried so hard and he was sick all the time, throwing up, fevers, URIs, all kinds of bad viruses we had to go to the hospital and doc all the time. And he had a diaper rash all the time and always had a bruise or cut from another child. He has enough accidents by himself! And I won't take an itty bitty baby there my son was a year old when I started taking him and look what happened! Plus I want to nurse the baby for at least six months, his family does not support that either but, well, how do you type out a raspberry? Well, just let that sound enter your head and you'll get my response to that. Here in KY it seems like no one breastfeeds and the most of the companies here certainly aren't very sympathetic to it.

I can't wait to have a little baby again, I love itty bitty cute babies! But it is gonna be so hard, I am not looking forward to the sleep depravation, I looked like a zombie the first 3 months of my son's life. Maybe this baby will be easier, I have experience but all kids are different, what if it's harder? Hope I have a girl!

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