This is an odd situation I'm in, and it's not like it's a new experience for me just a new reaction to the experience. See, my daughter left this past weekend and she will be gone for the rest of the summer and this is the first week. I just think I'm gonna die--probably from drowning in my own tears! I can't believe how much I miss her already. This morning when I woke up, I went into my usual rush routine, like  I always do and went into the kitchen to fix her some breakfast.  It didn't hit me until I was headed to her room to wake her up that she wasn't even there. All of a sudden, I had this gonna faint feelin because I had forgot she was gone. I couldn't breathe or anything.

I was trippin so hard I decided, for the first time in two years that, I would call in sick. There was just no way I was gonna be any good to anybody anyway.  It wasn't even 20min and my business cell phone rang. I started not to answer it thinking it was somebody from my job--buggin when I just wasn't up to it.I was so surprised because I didn't recognize the number at first, that it was her calling me to say good morning. Right then and there I almost lost it, but I didn't want her to hear me crying. I was really glad that I had  bought her that little "call me" kid phone as the mall rep pitched it to me, cell phone that's designed to give parents control over the numbers that can be called from the cell phone. She is so incredible, who would have known I would need to hear her sweet little voice that badly and she call. That made my day, but I have got to get it together, I just miss her so much! In the words of Marilyn Monroe; "What's a girl to do?"


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Jun. 22, 2009 at 7:25 PM I've been doing this since my 9 year old was a baby. She's been going to Hawaii almost every year to see her dad. Her room is clean and empty. It's quiet around here and no one's come to ask me to make them a snack. :( We're going through it together! It'll pass quickly.

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Jun. 22, 2009 at 7:44 PM

Awww..I feel for the both of you....I hope it gets better for you both!


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