It's 2:30am & I can't sleep so I decided to add some pictures of Tyler because I haven't put any new ones on here since he was around 7 months old... I have the first year widget so I've been putting the pictures on it. I clicked on the 1 month picture & had to do everything I could do to stop myself from crying...  I clicked on the 12 month one after that & realized, my baby boy has grown so much over 12 months, & now he's over 17 months... In about 2 weeks he'll be 1 1/2. That makes me so sad. He's beginning to be so independent. He wants to feed himself, bathe himself, brush his own teeth... He wants to walk instead of being carried. Today, he wore a size 24 months .... He's a tiny little thing compared to other's toddlers his age, but he's still so much bigger than he use to be. I know that's what is suppose to happen but I'm really just not ready to send  him off to college yet :o(  

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Oct. 31, 2010 at 7:58 PM

mine is 5 :( im not looking forward to planning his 6th lol

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