I am not even kidding! I started my business in March (the last day of March) and I have NO regrets! Yes $100. might look like a lot to put into something but if you think about it how many times do you spend that much or more and come out with nothing?! If you go into walmart or target or even Kroger and come out looking at the receipt thinking "how did I spend that much? What did I get?" Well if you drop the 100 with Mary Kay not only will you be getting well over $100 in the starter kit (a huge box FILLED with everything you need to start classes that day) You will be starting your own business! How nice is that! If you are thinking that people will hear that you sell Mary Kay products they will turn around and never want to talk to you again (cause they think you only want to sell to them) *this is what I was thinking* then your wrong! People hear that great name and think "OoooOOoh nicccce! I need more of this and this and I never did get the new book...wonder what new items they have" But anyway I have a listen for lip gloss training activity going on right now so don't take my word for it, talk to my oh so supportive Director Wendy! You have a 3way call with her and me, ask any questions you have about the business (not the product, I can answer that for you) and while she answers your questions I learn more about the answers and questions and you get to pick out a free lip gloss or free lip stick!

I also have some great gifts that are going on this month only for anyone that joins my team!! Comment or ask me all about them!

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