Most of you ladies know that my daughter moved out 2 weeks ago by disappearing and then texting her brother's girlfriend for them to tell me that she was moving out. Then she had the nerve to turn around and call me a crazy bitch because I would not give her the money to marry or let her move back in with that woman beating little bastard. She had even asked my parents for the money and to move in with them and they also told her no.

Well, now she has taken it to a whole other level. Ever since my kids were little, 2 of them would always call their grandparents and lie to them because they didn't get their way at home. My kids were 4,2, and 1 when I met my current husband. Their real father completely disappeared from their lives at that time and never paid any child support. My dh had 1 child that was 2. We accepted each other as a complete package, kids and all.

My parents knew why my daughter left my home. When they called the night she left I told them where she was and that she would probably be moving out. We found out the next day. She called my parents yesterday and told them that we had put her out because her step sister was back in our lives and we didn't want her around anymore. Yes my other daughter, I do not call her my step daughter because I have always treated as if she were my own. Her mother stopped the weekend visitation when she was 13. Well she is now 19 and as found out the truth so she wants to be part of the family again and I will NOT turn her away. I do truly love this girl as my own. Her father raised my children plus paid his child support without a court order. (Hard to find a man like that!!)

So my parents call me last night and as soon as I pick up the phone they are cussing me out and calling me all sorts of names. When I finally get a chance to speak I asked them what the hell is going on. That is when they told me what my daughter had said. I asked several times to quit calling my other daughter the names that they were calling her. My parents have only been around her a few times and have no reason to talk about her at all. When they wouldn't stop I hung up the phone. They kept calling back. My husband was pissed about the situation so he picked it up. Before he could even say hello they had already started so he listened for a few minutes and then he went off. He also told them that they had no right talking about his daughter at all. They told him that because she was the reason for the situation that they could talk about and say anything about her that they want. He informed him that his daughter had nothing to do with the situation and that it was by their granddaughters choice to move out and be with a woman beater and that if they are so worried about her not having a place to live then they should let him and her move in with them. They didn't even want to hear that. Needless to say he hung up on them.

Well I took the phone off of the hook because I knew that they would keep calling back. We have call waiting so when the phone is not on the hook it goes to voicmail. It took me almost an hour to delete all of the messages. I only listened to a few and then I couldn't stand it any longer. So I would just delete the message.

My daughter will do anything right now to get a place to live. The woman beating bastard will not get a job because he has to keep an eye on my daughter. She is not allowed to get a job because she will be out of his sight and might meet a real man or make a friend. All of her friends cannot stand him so they told her that when she leaves him to give them a call and they will speak to her then. So as of right now she has no friends at all. They are staying with his dad but he gave them til Monday to get married or they couldn't live there any longer. No one gave them the money to get married so they have until tomorrow to get a place to live. If the jackass wanted them to get married to live there then why didn't he give them the money. Well they have no job, no money, no car and no home. If she would get rid of woman beater she could come back home and then she wouldn't have to worry about a place to live.

My feeling is that if I leave him move back in here with her that I will be encouraging him that it is alright to beat on my daughter and this little bastard is not worth going to jail over. I just cannot beleive that she went to those lengths to get a place to stay. And the sad part is that her and her step sister were close. They messaged each other everyday on myspace and my daughter turned on her step sister that way. She even lied to my parents about that. To me that is very dirty. You do not do something like that to someone you are closed to. One of the things that my mother told my husband was that she was going to access my daughters myspace page so that she can message his daughter and tell her all about herself and that she broke up a family. I have already warned my other daughter to tell her that if my mother does do it, which I know she will because she is like my daughter in keeping drama going until no one will listen to it anymore, to save the message so that we can do something about it.

It is not fair for my other daughter to have to go through this. All the stuff that her mother told her for those 6 years has already wasted enough time that she has been away from us. We don't want to lose her again over something so stupid and a lie. Her life was already hell because of her parents divorcing and her mother using her as a pawn in her little games and keeping her away from us. She does not deserve for strangers to upset her life anymore.

I love my parents dearly but my life is my life and if I want my other daughter in it then just leave it be. Me and my dh are the ones that chose to accept the packages and are going to keep accepting them as long as we are alive. We totally and honestly love all 4 kids and that is how it is going to remain whether my parents like it or not. It is NOT their live it is MINE.

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Jul. 11, 2009 at 1:19 PM


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