For those of you that know me, realize I have many passions in life...and one of those is giving back and blessing others with knowledge. Maybe this is the teacher coming out, but there is a great feeling when you are able to bless others.

One of my favorite times while teaching was seeing the Ah-ha moments a student would have when they finally understood a concept. There whole face would light up, a smile would appear and several times you could see their heart fill up with pride when the realized they REALLY got it.

To this day I get to witness those times but in a more special way...I see that happening here at home with our girls. Nothing touches a parent more than seeing their child grow and accomplish something and being their to celebrate with them!

Now that I am home I don't feel I have hung up my teaching hat, but able to use it in many different ways. That is why I have created my new blog Chill-for-a-Minute...

I wanted a way to give back to others the knowledge I learn during my own Ah-ha moments. So I have a created a blog JUST FOR YOU.

Life brings us many Ah-ha moments and we have the choice to learn from them.I hope it will encourage and inspire you to live life to the fullest.

The blog will include a Newsletter which will provide you TONS of resources, tips & techniques, links and a chances for you to learn even more with each Ah-ha moment.

There is MORE....

Featured Ah-ha Guests -
These are people that influenced my life in a positive way and they will have the chance to share their Ah-ha moments.

Monthly Contest -
Each month there will be a drawing for free products and gifts, But you must register for the Newsletter as well as participate in the Ah-ha moment comment section.

Come on over to Chill-for-a-Minute and check it out my first Ah-ha moment "Puzzle Pieces & A Glass of Lemonade"

- Looking forward to seeing you there!
Cheryl Hill

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