I Started my Mary Kay business in July of 2001 at 22 years of age. I had

just graduated with my degree in Elementary Education from the

University of Florida. Never in a million years did I ever think I would

ever be a Mary Kay Sales Director. I thought Mary Kay was only

for stay at homes moms and I had no idea they made the income they do!

I was invited to a guest event and came not expecting anything!! I came

late to the event and never even had a chance to try the product. The

evening was so much fun!! All the red and blue jackets, the positivity,

and the FREE cars is what got me!! Also the woman leading the event,

she was so well put together, her hair, make-up, and the income she was making was so


I knew as a school teacher I would never make what I was worth! So I decided to join just

to make some extra money on the side. Yes, I was nervous and skeptical at the same time;

however, I didn't want to be left out!! I thought it was worth a try!!

When I came home to tell my family after they had just spent $60,000 on my college

education, you can imagine their responses! Great a Mary Kay consultant!!

I knew I had to make this work. My family and friends didn't support me at first so I had to

earn my car to proof it to them that it would work!!

So while teaching all day, tutoring after school, and planning a wedding for 300 people I

started working Mary Kay. I put in 6-8 hours a week and never missed my weekly meetings.

Within 3 months I had earned my first FREE car and decided to take the cash! My fifth month in

Mary Kay I made a decision to become a director to see if I could replace my teaching income.

Within a month I finished D.I.Q and was a new director 6 months from joining. I decided it was

easier to do it fast. " Fast is easy, slow is never!"

My first full year I had earned 3 cars, one of them being the "prestigious pink" Cadillac 11

months from signing my agreement!

Six months into Directorship I decided I didn't want to be a mediocre director, I wanted to

be a TOP DIRECTOR. So what did I do?

1. I hired an assistant 15-30 hours a week

2. I worked this business like a full time job (40 hours a week)

3. Built my numbers ( Swelled our unit)

4. Worked personally ( Gold medaled every month)

5. Had a great attitude at all times!!

From doing these simple steps my first year as a director our unit achieved the $500,000

circle of Achievement and I was the Queen of Recruiting for the Emerald Seminar earning a 3

carat diamond bee, a 3 in a half carat bagot ring, a diamond watch, and a Movado watch for my

husband. Not including the income that was made that year, $150,000 for the year!!

My second year as a director we achieved the MILLION $ CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE!!!

Our unitwalked across stage and we were the #9 unit in the nation for Seminar 2004! Our unit

was #2 in the Emerald division!! What a moment!!

At Seminar 2005 we were celebrated as the #1 UNIT for the entire Emerald Seminar!!!!

I had broken a record and now was the youngest MILLION $ SALES DIRECTOR!

I earned a $5,000 bonus, a 3 in a half carat swirl ring, a 2 carat bumblebee, a chance to speak in

front of the entire Seminar for 15 min., a MILLION $ Weekend for my unit, and a full expensed

paid trip to San Francisco and Maui, Hawaii, staying at the Grand Wailea resort in a suite for two

weeks!! The trip was priced at $20,000!! For 2005 my husband and I have earned the GREECE

and CRETE Top Directors Trip!!! This is not including the income made for the year,$250,000!

My highest love check in one month was in June, $31,000 as well as a $5,000 bonus!!

Mary Kay is an unbelievable company!Where can you change lives, be at home with the ones

you love, and still make an Executive Income!!I know it has only begun for me and my husband,


Today we have 12 first line and 8 second line with 6 D.I.Q'S in our future National area!!! We

have just completed our FIRST MONTH OF NIQ!!!! I know we will debut as a MILLION

$ NATIONAL AREA at SEMINAR 2006!! We will do it with God as our partner!!

You can all be a top sales director. Put in the work today!! Work personally and have a great

attitude and you will succeed!!

Love and Beelief-



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